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Oregon publisher Not a Pipe is “foolish enough to buck the system”

February 1, 2018
Taylor Sperry
Imgres 1

Well, reader, we goofed. Last week, we mistakenly reported that but ONE mighty publisher had taken up Kamila Shamsie’s challenge to make 2018 the year of publishing women, but it turns out that Not a Pipe Publishing of Independence, Oregon, has also heeded the call.

According to Jenn Director Knudsen for the Oregonian, Not a Pipe will publish nine women this year, starting with Mikko Azul, whose “work of fantasy with metaphysical elements” The Staff of Fire and Bone went on sale this month. Also on the list this year are Heather S. Ransom’s dystopian novel Greener, which was inspired by her seventh-grade students, and a supernatural trilogy by LeeAnn McLennan.

Not a Pipe co-founder Benjamin Gorman said, “Publishers, reviewers, and prize committees are not intentionally shutting women out, but the financial incentives support male authors… Who would be foolish enough to buck that system? I am.”

Gorman also noted that two male authors on the Not a Pipe list agreed to have their pub dates pushed back to support the Year of Publishing Women. One of those authors, Kurt Clopton, said he was happy to agree, “especially when so much is coming to light about harassment and abuses of power”; the other, Jason Brick, told Knudsen, “Taking a year to help balance the scales in an industry that has favored men for centuries… that seemed a small sacrifice.”

Super inspiring, all around. And if we missed anyone else who’s taken on the challenge, please let us know!




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Taylor Sperry is an editor at Melville House.

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