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Melville House Intern Book Club: Not on Fire, But Burning by Greg Hrbek


NotOnFireButBurningWe Melville interns know it’s already halfway through summer, and we’re finally ready to admit something: we haven’t exactly read every title on the Melville back list. But the good news is… it’s only halfway through summer! So, we’d like to announce our weekly book club, where the four of us—Jessica, Carly, Hannah, and Bailey—will be chatting about the books we read and the off-topic things they make us think about.

For this week, we read Not On Fire, But Burning by Greg Hrbek (a novel we published last year and will bring out in paperback this fall), which tells the story of a future America that, after a mysterious explosion on 8/11, herds its Muslim citizens into internment camps.

(SPOILER ALERT: We tried our best to avoid it, but we may give away some plot points in the discussion.)


Jessica: So…what’d y’all think about Not On Fire, But Burning?

Hannah: I loved this book! I admit I got a bit lost sometimes in the switches between the plot and some of the more conceptual stuff, but honestly I have a weak spot for really well-done, intelligent-but-realistic kids.

Bailey: Mmm yeah, I feel like what really drew me in was my love/hate/pity for both Dorian and Karim, because they’re clearly smart but also under such tremendously shitty situations and moral manipulation.

Jessica: Yeah definitely—they’re so similar outside of that, too.

Carly: I was seriously on the edge of my seat the whole time. I couldn’t believe the plot I was reading, in a way.

Jessica: What do you mean?

Carly: Like “omg omg omg no way, this can’t be happening” when the story was at its most intense, you know?

Hannah:  And literally, too. Because so much of it happened-but-didn’t-happen and still affects the characters.

Jessica: Yeah and it was also awesome how it felt so fast-paced without seeming… mindless? I seriously came home and read it straight through, and it didn’t make me feel dumb and bad the way watching four hours of Bob’s Burgers does. It was so surreal, though, because so soon after we finished, the Brexit decision happened.

Hannah: Yes! True!

Jessica: And a lot of the conversations surrounding that, the slew of articles about islamophobia and xenophobia, seriously felt like they’d dropped straight out of the book.

Carly: I think that’s what made it really chilling to read. Just the sheer extremism of it all, with that mirror held up to our society right now.

Bailey: Yeah, I felt like it scared me and hurt in a way that not all books do, where when things started to really go wrong in the last few sections, I was in it, you know? And I think that’s partially a result of good writing and partially a result of topical writing.

Hannah: Honestly, the racism/xenophobia in the book wasn’t shocking for me because it sounded kind of exactly like what Muslim and Middle Eastern families deal with in contemporary white suburbia. Or at the very least, it looked and sounded a lot like what went on in my very white suburban Ohio neighborhood with my friend’s family… minus the violent extremist group!

Jessica: Yeah I totally agree, like with the anti-Muslim rhetoric from Trump? We’re not so far from Hrbek’s world. It’s terrifying.

Hannah: Yep, for sure.

Bailey: I think it’s interesting that we don’t see that in the book. Like, we don’t see the political processes that allowed things to get this bad, just the effects and how unstable society has become.

Jessica: Yeah, I think that was a smart decision. It makes it so much more applicable to like any situation beyond post-9/11 America.

Bailey: Agreed.

Jessica: Have any of you ever read The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid? Because I thought about that book a lot. It’s essentially this dinner conversation between a Pakistani and an American shortly after 9/11 and, throughout, there’s this hinted sense of violence, though it’s never clear from which side. And I think that’s such a powerful ambiguity when talking about race and fear—which we definitely also see in Hrbek’s novel.

Hannah: Oooh I need to read that.

Carly: I need to have dinner with that book.

Jessica: I highly encourage it. It’s written like Camus’s The Fall, and takes like three hours to read—as if you really were having a conversation over a meal. But anyhow, yeah, I wonder how influenced Hrbek was by Hamid.

Carly: If I had to guess, I’m sure Hrbek was really familiar with post-9/11 fiction before writing Not On Fire.

Bailey: I really wonder who inspired him in general. Because this book, in form, is like nothing I’ve ever read.

Jessica: Hm, maybe like… David Mitchell and Christopher Nolan? Like them plus Hamid.

Bailey: I could very much see that.

Jessica: Can’t you just see Nolan making this into a movie?

Hannah and Bailey: Yes!

Hannah: David Mitchell is an awesome guess. I wouldn’t have thought of him, but it makes complete sense.

Carly: I feel like a movie adaptation would be so… intense.

Hannah: The ultimate plot ambiguity especially, I would love to have that.

Jessica: Only if the movie poster is our cover art though—it’s so good! Two guys stopped me on the subway to ask what book I was reading.

Carly: Yaaaas cover art!!

Bailey: I don’t know if I could even watch the ending to a movie version of this, it was enough to handle in print form… oof.

Jessica: Like, emotionally?

Bailey: Yes for sure. Also I feel like it’s just such a universal anxiety, not just the terrorism but the visceral attack, biological or bomb or what have you. I felt pretty affected by the fallout of the final attack, and Karim’s fate too.

Carly: I agree, Bailey—I couldn’t watch the ending I don’t think.

Jessica: Hmm. It’s interesting, though. 9/11 was the first terrorist attack to be globally witnessed because of the increased televization of shit. But do you think a fictionalized version of it would be harder?

Bailey: I feel like what this book does is get into the people, not just the tower falling or the plane hitting (metaphorically speaking, for this book) but the lives, lives of CHILDREN, that are hurt and molded and forced into terrible action. So in that sense I feel like the fictional exploration is even tougher.

Jessica: Oh yeah that’s a good point. Hmm… but have there been a lot of movies about 9/11? Do they always feel like that?

Hannah: The Rob Pattinson thing! Ha! My bad, the awful rom-com came first to mind.

Jessica: Oh god wait, Bailey you’re so right. The film version of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close involved kids and 9/11 and it was pretty brutal.

Hannah: Still need to read that dammit.

Bailey: Same, it’s on my list too!

Jessica: Not to sound cliché, but the book is so much better. The movie was like made to destroy you, which I found annoying.

Bailey: I think that’s what this book does so cleverly, it doesn’t just destroy you (though it’s capable of that too) but it makes you think. Hard.

Carly: Books that ask tough questions *snaps*.

Jessica: YES I completely agree with you, there’s something that feels cheap in a novel when it relies solely on its touchy subject matter to provoke an emotional response, without being good in craft too.

Hannah: Yes! The whole malleability of reality did really well for it there, because nothing could be taken as an ultimate unending tragedy if it didn’t necessarily happen.

Bailey: So…to sum up, what are everyone’s favorite parts or lines from the book?

Carly: Oh god the epilogue GOT ME. I was crying so hard. I couldn’t tell if they were happy or sad tears—I was just so emotional by the end of this book.

Hannah: That was a fucking good epilogue.

Carly: But I also liked the use of math within the text in regard to the universes explored. Oh, and also the descriptions of depression.

Jessica: That stood out to me too! Especially when he says that it isn’t “having nothing in you; it’s the absence of things without which you feel like you have nothing.”

Hannah: For me, it’s the prologue, actually.  It’s very intense and I think you really get a sense of the confusion through Skylar’s narrative.

Bailey: This is my favorite line by far: “For a moment, you won’t be certain what you’ve done. What you’ve done is this: You have done the best you could. On the darkest of pathways, you have managed to stay true to the better angel of your nature.” Kills me.

Hannah: Shit.

Jessica: Yeah. Damn that’s good.


Want to read along? (You should!) For next week, we’re reading The Awakening and The Last Interview: David Foster Wallace.




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Thompson Hurricane Harvey hurricane irma Hürriyet Husna Haq hygge Hyperallergic hyperlink HyperNormalisation hyphen I am Jazz I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me I guess not everyone is a demon I Learn to Control Myself I sing the body electric I wanna live forever IAIA Iain McGilchrist Ian Acheson Ian Bogost Ian Burrell Ian Rankin Ian Rosenlum Ibn Khalawayh Ibrahim al Saafin Ibram x. Kendi Icarus Iceland Icelandic ICv2 Ida B Wells identity theft idiots Idriss al-Tayyib if beale street could talk if you see something say something If you’re Going to San Francisco Ilan Stavans Ilaria Maria Sala Ilhan Omar Illinois Sixth Congressional District Illustionists illustration Ilya Utekhin Ilyse Hogue Imaani Images of the Absence Imagination Library Imbolo Mbue Immanuel Ness immigration imogen scoppie Impeach the president impeachment improbably realized structures In Every Moment We Are Still Alive in moonlight black boys look blue In Search of Lost Time Inae Oh İnan Kızılkaya Inaugural poetry inauguration Indendpent Chinese PEN Center Indepedent booksellers independence Independent Booksellers Independent bookshops Independent bookstore day 2017 Independent bookstores Independent Publishing india India World Poetree Festival Indiana Indiana University indie booksellers Indie bookselling indie bookstore day 2017 indie bookstores Indie publishing IndieGoGo indies Indies First Indo-European languages Indonesia industrial design inequality Inferno Infinite Ground Infinite Jest infinity inflation Influx Press InfoWars infrastructure Ingeborg Bachmann Ingersoll Lockwood ingrid burrington Ingrid Lundgrin inkshares inmates Innocent Innosanto Nagara Inquiring Minds Insane Clown Posse Insel Inside Higher Ed Inside Higher Education Inside the Wave Instagram Instaread Institute for Contemporary History Institute for Museum and LIbrary Services Institute of American Indian Arts Intellivision intellogo Interfax International Book Fair Oaxaca International Edible Books Festivle International Freedom to Publish Committee international institute of advanced islamic studies International Journal of Molecular Biology International Prize for Arabic Fiction International Publishers Association International Publishing International Trade Commission International Women’s Day Internet Archive Internet docs internet sales tax internships interrobang Intersex interview Invercargill City Libraries and Archives investment banks Iowa Iowa Public Radio iowa writers workshop iPads Ipeleng Kgositsile IPSO Ira Lightman Iran Iraq Iraqi Kurdistan Ireland Irene Plagianos Irina Balakhanova Irina Borogan Iris Eberl irma Iron Man irony IRS Irvin Arthur Irving Azoff IS Is journalism worth dying for Isa Dick Hackett Isaac Asimov Isaac Babel Isaac Butler Isaac Fitzgerald isaam asimov ISIL isis islam Islam Karimov islandborn ISPs Israel Istanbul It’s Time to Fight Dirty Italo Svevo Italy Itchy Coo Ivan Pavlov Ivan Stepurin Ivan Turgenev Ivana Trump Ivanka Trump Izzy Lyons J. 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Martin Center for Academic Renewal James Green James Hall James Joyce James LaRue James Martin James Mattis James McAuley James Murphy James Patterson James Purdy James R Hagerty James Schuyler James Tennant James Tracy James Woods jami attenberg Jamie Brew Jamie Loftus Jamie Pennebaker jamie schwesnedl Jamie Zawinski Jan Böhmermann Jan-Erik Lönnqvist Jana Koretko Jane Alexander jane austen Jane Bradley Jane Dawson Jane Eisner Jane Eyre Jane Foster Jane Goodall Jane Gormley Jane Jacobs Jane Jacobs (not that one) Jane Mayer Jane Seymour Janeen Christoff Janelle Asselin Janet Jackson Janet Joy Wilson Janet Maslin Ted Hughes janet mock Janice Poon Janis Stout Jann Wenner Japan Japan Times Jared Kushner Jared P. Scott Jarosław Kaczyński Jarrett Hill Jarrod bookshop Jarrod Shanahan Jasmine Siu Jason Bailey Jason Blum Jason Boog Jason Brick Jason C. Bivins Jason Duaine Hahn Jason Greenblatt Jason Heller Jason Horowitz Jason Reynolds Jaspar Bernes Jasper Sutcliffe Javier Viveros Jay Edidin Jay MillAr Jay Penske Jay Sher Jay Stanley Jay-Z Jazz Jennings JD Salinger Jean Rhys Jean Seaton Jean Twenge Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Jean-Claude Arnault Jean-Marie Le Pen Jebediah Springfield Jed Esty Jeet Heer Jeff Bezos Jeff Daniels jeff davis 8 Jeff Sessions Jeff VanderMeer Jeff Zucker Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg Jeffrey C. Issac Jeffrey Good Jeffrey Lord Jeffrey Smith Jemini Jen Carlson Jen Chung Jen Kennedy Jena McGregor Jenn Director Knudsen Jenni Fagan Jenni Konner Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Bhambri-Lyte Jennifer Can Grove Jennifer Clement Jennifer Crossley Howard Jennifer DeVere Brody Jennifer Egan Jennifer Gardner Jennifer Grey Jennifer Gunnels Jennifer Jenkins Jennifer Keishin Armstrong Jennifer Leech Jennifer Loja Jennifer Lynch Jennifer M. Woods Jennifer Maloney Jennifer Schuessler Jennifer Weiner Jenny Storms Jenny Trout Jenny Zhang Jeopardy Jeremy Bushnell Jeremy Corbyn Jeremy Roshe-Kushel Jeremy Scahill Jeri Laber Award Jerks Jerod MacDonald-Evoy Jerome Karabel Jerry Brown Jerry Falwell Jr. Jerry Saltz Jerusalem Jesmyn Ward Jess McIntosh Jessa Crispin jesse fillingham Jesse J. Holland Jessica Chia Jessica Fleischmann Jessica Fox Jessica Guynn Jessica Kahan Jessica Mazzola Jessica Testa Jessica Yung Jesus JET JetBlue jezebel JFREJ jhumpa lahiri Jia Tolentino Jifeng Jiggyman Jill Bialosky Jill Biden Jill Robinson Jill Soloway Jill Twiss Jillian Kay Melchior Jillian Steinhauer jim acosta Jim Avila Jim Bankoff Jim Bouton Jim Dick Jim Dwyer Jim Green Jim Milliot Jim O’Grady Jim Rutenberg Jimi Tenor Jimmy Carter Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Pang JK Publishing JK Rowling JM Coetzee JM Servin Jo Cox Jo Guldi Jo Livingstone Joan Anderson Joan Baez Joan Bertin Joan Collins Joan Didion Joan Hilty Joan Werdon JoAnna Klein Joanna Rothkopf Joanna Walters Joanne Carson Joanne Harris Joanne Kaufman Joanne Kyger Jobs Jocelyn McClurg Jodi Cantor Jodi Kantor jodie archier Joe Arpaio Joe Biden Joe Dunthorne Joe Gross Joe Kahn Joe Madison Joe McCarthy Joe Parkin Daniels Joe Pompeo Joe Ricketts Joe Weichselbaum Joe Willis Joel Chace Joel Cosseboom Joel Kouam Joel Osteen Joel Schmieg Joel Simkhai Joesoef Isak Joey Two-Socks Jóhann Jóhannsson Johannes Brenz Johannes Gutenberg Johannes Klencke John Adams john ashbery John Bates John Bayley John Black John Bolton John Casson John Cena John Charles Daly John Clegg John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation john darnielle John Donne John Edwin Mason John Falk John Farrell John Foster Dulles John Freeman John Glenn john green John Gregory Dunne John Guy John Hadreas john henry faulk central librarym central library John Huppenthal John James Audobon john james audubon John Keller John Kennan john kennedy John Kerry John Kilduff John L.Lewis John Leland John Lewis john mahar John Maher john martin John Maynard Keynes John McCain John McDonnell John McMurtrie John McWhorter John Milton John Mullan John Nygren John O’Brien John Oliver John Podhoretz John R MacArthur John Reed John Scalzi John Sollecito John Steinbeck john stuart mill John Tierney John Whittingdale John Williams John Winthrop John Woodcock John Zorn Johnny Blaze Johnny Carson Johnny Cash Jojje Olsson Jon Christian Jon Henley Jon Savage Jon Stewart Jon Swaine Jon Woodward Jonah Engel Bromwich Jonah Lehrer Jonas Jonasson Jonathan Franzen Jonathan Galassi Jonathan Kauffman Jonathan Lethem Jonathan Pryce Jonathan Roberts Jonathan Safran Foer Jonathan Shieber Jonathan Swan Joni Mitchell Jonny Cooper Jonny Geller Jordan Jordan Crucchiola jordan hoffman Jordan Pearson Jordan School District Jörg Braunsdorf Jörg Luyken Jorge Luis Borges Jorge Mendez Blake Jorge Otelo-Pailos Joris Luyendijk José Alfredo Bea Gondar Jose Ivan Cazares Joseph Berger Joseph Campbell Joseph Charles MacKenzie Joseph Clarke Joseph McCarthy Joseph Parker Joseph Quesada Joseph Soldwedel Josh Cook Josh Eidelson Josh Fox Josh Green Josh Keefe Josh Kosman Josh Lambert Joshua Chamberlain Joshua Clark Davis Joshua Ellison Joshua Starks Joshua Stephens Joss Whedon Josué Sáenz Josy Forsdike jouranlists Journal of Cultural Analytics journalism journalistic integrity journalists under threat joy Joy Reid Joyce Carol Oates Joyelle McSweeney Jr. Jr.’s Juan Gonzalez Juan Villoro Judaism Judgey Judith Curr Judith Miller Judith Rosen judy blume Judy Harrison Juggalos Julia Alvarez Julia Angwin Julia Fleischaker Julia Glum Julia Kristeva Julia Louis-Dreyfus Julia Reinstein Julia Roberts Julia Zaumer Julian Barnes Julian Clary Julián López Julian Reichelt Julianne Escobedo Shepherd julianne moore Julie and Julia Julie Bosman julie menin Julie Sze Juliet Mabey Julio Julio Noriega Julius Caesar Julius Evola Junction boxes June Schlueter Jung Junot Diaz Just Kids Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Justin Chandra Justin Dearborn Justin Goldman Justin Huggler Justin Kroll Justin Paul Justin Trudeau Justin Volpe Justin Zaremba JW McCormack K-File Kabul Kafka Esque Kafkaesqueness Kahlil Gibran Kai Schultz Kaitlyn Tiffany Kamila Shamsie Kanji Kansas kansas city Kansas City Public Library Kansas City Star Kanye West Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke Kareem Abdulrahman Kareem James Abu-Zeid Kareem Shaheen karen bradley Karen Gu Karen Hunter Karen Jordan Karen Madden Karen Marshall Karen Yi Kari Paul Karin Deutsch Karlekar Karin Olsson Karin Wilson Karl Marx Karl Ove Knausgaard Karl Taube Kassel Kat Eschner Katarina Frostenson Kate Chopin Kate Elizabeth Queram Kate Frey Kate Greenway Medal Kate Hamer Kate Lister Kate Tempest KateTempest Katha Pollitt Katharine Schwab Katherine Cowdrey Katherine Kvellestad Kathi Kromer Kathleen Joyce Kathryn Bigelow Kathryn Grantham Kathy Acker Kathy Kiely kathy mattea Katie Dorsey Katie Honan Katie Spencer Katie Spindell Katie Van Syckle Katrina and the Waves Katrina Leskanich Katrina vanden Heuvel Katy Glenn Bass Katy Tur Kay McSpadden Kaye Adams Kayla Williams Kazakh Kazuo Ishiguro Keanu Reves Keats Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kehinde Wiley Keiko Morris Keira Drake Keith Brown Keith J. Kelly Keith Urbahn kelly guildea Kelly J Baptist Kelly Marsh Kelly McGonigal Kelly Nyks Kelly Starling Lyons Kelly Stout Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Kelly Thompson Kellyanne Conway Kelsey Miller Kelsey Ryan Kelvin Chan Kemal Atatürk ken bone Ken Burns Ken Lefolii Ken Paulson Ken Silverstein Ken Weine Kenilworth Books Kenilworth Bookshop Kenneth Anger Kenneth Brannagh Kenneth Goldsmith Kenneth Koch Kenneth Tynan Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame Keorapetse Kgositsile Kerri Washington Kerry Lauerman Kesh Kevin Allread Kevin Birmingham Kevin Courtney Kevin Landrigan Kevin Liptak Kevin Moran kevin ryan Kevin Schofield Key West KFPA Khaled Hosseini Khalid Abdel-Hadi Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa Haftar Khizr Khan Khorri Atkinson Kickstarter Kids Can Press Kids’ librarians Kiera O’Brien KiKi Layne Killer Mike Killing Lincoln killing the rising sun Kim Basinger Kim Hendren Kim Jong-Un Kim Kardashian Kim Swanson Kimberly M. Aquilina Kimberly Rusley Kimberly Winston Kindle Kindle Direct Kindle Unlimited King Carl Gustav King Francois Ier Kingstone Comics KIpper Kirsten Dunst Kirsten Grant Kirsty Dunseath Kitchen Commissary Kitchen Confidential Kitty Greenwald Kitty Hawk Kjell Espmark kkk Klas Ostergren klencke atlas Klencke Library Klingons Knopf Knopf Doubleday Knox College Knoxville News Sentinel Kobo Kodansha Ltd Kōjien Kompromat Konstantin Klinger Kooks, lovable and otherwise Kooks, lovable and otherwise Kooks, lovable and otherwise Kooks, lovable and otherwise kramerbooks Krampus krautrock krav maga Krista Aronson Krista L. Cox Kristalina Georgieva Kristen Roupenian Kristenn Enairsson Kristi L. Nelson Kristian Wilson Kristin Visbal Kristin Windbigler Kruidvat Ksenija Pavlovic Kurdish literature Kurdistan Kurt Andersen Kurt Clopton Kurt Loder Kwame Alexander KY3 Kyaw Soe oo Kyle MacLachlan Kyle Smith Kyle Swenson L.A. Weekly L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library La Belle Sauvage La Diada de Sant Jordi La Femme de Gilles LA Metro LA Public Library La Republique en Marche LA Times LA Weekly labor Labor and Unions labor issues labor markets labor power labor unions Labour Labour Party Labradors Lacking Character lacma Ladd Erickson ladee hubbard Ladybird Books Ladybird expert Lam Wing-kee Lamar Giles Lamestream Lana Estemirova Lane Smith Langston Hughes Language language beat Language Disappearance language reform langue Laquan McDonald largehearted boy Larry Cohler-Esses Larry David Larry Flynt Larry Mantle Larry Sanders Last Interview last interview 99 cent Last Interview Series Last Interviews Last Poets Last Week Tonight late fees Late Show Latife Hanım Latin America latin american literature LatinX Latinx in Publishing Launch Laura Bien Laura Bradley Laura Bush Laura Geggel Laura Ingalls Wilder Laura Ingraham Laura Kipnis Laura Morrison Laura Peters laura poitras Laura Stevens Lauren Carroll Lauren Coleman-Lochner Lauren Duca Lauren Evans Lauren Hirsch Lauren Thomas Laurie Davidson Laurie Gillman Laurie Hertzel Laurie Loughlin Lavie Tidhar Law Lawrence O’Donnell Lawrence R Velvel lawsuit lawsuits lay-offs Layli Long Soldier Layoffs LBJ LCD Soundsystem Le Figaro Le Keqiang Le Monde Le Pavillon des Lettres Leah Garchik Leah Koch leaks Lean In Lear deBessonet Leaves of Grass Lebanese independence Lebanon lectures lectures on physics Lee Bergquist Lee Child Lee Fang Lee Franklin Lee Kuan Yew Lee Po Leesha Hannigan left bank archon left bank fantasy Left Behind Left Forum Legacy-shitting Legos Lemn Sissay Len Riggio Len Stevens Lena Dunham Lena Waithe Lena Wilson Lenín Moreno Lenny Letter leo espinosa Leo Tolstoy Leon Neyfakh Leon Russell Leonard Cohen Leonard Lopate Leonard Riggio Leonardo Leonardo da Vinci Leopoldine Core leos valka leprechauns LeRoi Jones les miserables Lesley Nneka Arimah Leslie Jones Leslie Norins MD PhD Leslie Picker Lester Bangs let books be books let girls learn Let Us Now Praise Famous Men Letters Letters to Father Flye Lev Rubinstein LeVar Burton Lewis Carroll Lewis Lapham Lewis Steel Building LexisNexis lgbt LGBTQ Li Ao Li Bai Li Jiawen Liam Stack Lianna Merner liars Libel Liberal media Liberty Liberty University Librarian of Congress librarians Libraries & librarians LibrariesResist library library attendance library custodian library fines library iran Library of Alexandria Library of Congress Library of Ukrainian Literature library pew library programs library public domain Library Services and Technology Act Libya Liccy Dahl lied library lies Life and Adventures of Jack Engle Life expectnacy Life Science Secondary School LifeSiteNews lifestyle publisher lifetime reading likud lil Wayne Lil’ Libros Lil’ Mama Lili Bayer lillian hellman Lim Chin Siong Lin Yutang Lin-Manuel Miranda Lincoln in the Bardo Linda Antonsson Linda Blair Linda E Johnson Linda Holmes Linda Sarsour Lindsay Ashford Lindsay Beyerstein lindsay lohan Lindsey Fitzharris Lindsey Grayzel Lindy West linguistics Link Round-Up Link roundup Link to Libraries Lionel Shriver Lip Gloss lipogram Lisa Campbell Lisa Kaczke Lisa Lucas Lisa Scott lisa simpson Lisbon Lise Brenner Lisel Mueller lissa muscatine Listerine lit bar Literacy Literary Agents literary award Literary classics Literary criticism literary festivals literary translation Literati Comedy Literature & the law literature in translation Lithuania Little Little Brown Little Fires Everywhere Little Free Libraries Little Golden Books little house on the prairie Little Man Liu Xia Liu Xiaobo live nude girls Live Science Live the Organic Dream Live-tweeting livelihood Living Wage Livraria Lello Liz Gehrlein Marsham Liz Linden Liz Peck Liz Phipps Soeiro Liz Spayd Liz Tigelaar lizz hickey Llama Llama I love you lloyd blankfein Lloyd Doggett Lobu local newspapers Loctite glue lofty standards of excellence Loganberry Books logic logical fallacy Loki Lola Olufemi Lola Young Lolita London Book Fair London Library London Review of Books London tube longevity Lonnie Blevins Look Away lord of the flies Lord of the Rings Lordy I hope there are tapes Lorin Stein Los Angeles los angeles county art museum Los Angeles Magazine Los Angeles Review of Books Los Angeles Times lost art Lost Books Lost Horse Press lost short stories Lost Words lost works Lotta Lotass Lotte Hellinga lou reed louie cordero Louis Farrakhan Louis Menand Louisa Young Louise Burke louise labé Louise Mensch Louisiana louvre Love Love From the Very Hungry Caterpillar Love in Venice Love Shine a Light Lovia Gyarkye Low low prices Lucas High lucid dreaming lucifer’s lettuce Lucinda Chambers Lucky Lefty’s Lucky Peach Lucretius Lucy Burningham Lucy Peytermann Lucy Worsley Luigi Rosselli Luis Buñuel Luis Valdez Luisetta Mudle Luke Abrahams Luke Punkett Luo Lupita Nyong’o Lynch law Lynda Schuster Lynmouth Pavilion Project Lynn Caponera Lynn Mooney lynn neary Lynn Povich Lynsey Chutel Lytton Strachey M. Dove Kent M.910 MA MA Michael MA Orthofer ma’asiyahu prison Mabercron Books macarthur foundation macarthur genius awawrd Macau literature machine learning Mack Major Macmillan MAD Magazine Mad Men madame bovary Madame Marcia maddie clybourn Maddie Crum Maddie Rodriguez Madeleine Bourdouxhe Madeline Brewer Madi Skahill Madison Madison Malone Kircher Maev Kennedy maga magazine magazine publishing Magazines Maggie Astor Maggie Nelson Magnus Fiskesjö Mahasweta Devi mahmoud darwish Mahogany Books Maigret Mail on Sunday Maine Maira Kalman Major League Baseball Major Tom Makan Delrahim Making Ogden Nash sound like Emily Dickinson Malaprops Bookstore malarkey Malcolm Gladwell Malcolm Turnbull Malcolm X Mall of America Malorie Blackman Malta Man Book Prize Man Booker Man Booker Prize Man in a hole Man Vs Pink manchildren Mandalay Bay Shooting mandela book mandela’s last years Manhattan Mano el Hermano Manohla Dargis Manteo manufacturing Manufacturing Consent Manus Boyle Tobin manvsmachine Mao Zedong Map maps Mara Keisling Mara Siegler Marathi marathon readings Marc Fisher Marc Gerald Marc Hogan Marc Lamont Hill Marc Perrusquia Marc Selvaggio Marcel Proust march march is reading month march on washington Marcia Lynx Qualey Marco Palmieri Marcus Aurelius Marek Krajewski Margaret Atwood margarine Marginalia Margo Glantz Margot Singer Margot Wallström Maria L. Fredericks Maria Popova Maria Sibyl Merian Marianne Moore Marie Helene Bertino Marie Kondo Marie Moser marijuana Marijuana Horticulture Mario Batali Mario Vargas Llosa Marion Rankine Marisol Bello Marissa Luck Marita Ulvskog maritime law Marius Goring Marji Ross marjorie liu Marjory Stoneman Douglas Mark Ames Mark Anthony Mark Bray Mark Brown Mark Dice Mark Doty Mark Gurman Mark Hamill Mark Harmon Mark Huddleston Mark Landler Mark Leyner Mark Nowak mark rothko Mark Silk Mark Sweney Mark THompson mark twain Mark W. Everson Market manipulation marketing Marketing and Publicity Markus Dohle Markus Zusak Marla Maples Marley Dias Marley Mag Marley Parker Marlon Brando Marlon Bundo Marquis de Sade marriage Marta Menujín Martha Raddatz Martin Doyle Martin Ford Martin Heinrich Martin Luther Martin Luther King martin luther king day martin luther king deal martin luther king jr. Martin MacInnes martin rajnis martin seay Martin Skkreli Martin Specktor Marton Gerely Marvel Marvel comics marx Marxism Mary Antin Mary Beard Mary Colette McAlister Mary Elizabeth Taylor Mary Fallin Mary Gannett Mary Hyde Eccles Mary Matalan mary mccarthy Mary Miller Mary Oliver Mary Pope Osborne Mary Poppins Mary Rasenberger Mary Shelley Mary Wollstonecraft Maryanna Trump Barry Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno Marylynne Pitz masako tsubuku Masha Gessen Mashable mass incarceration massachusetts masturbation MatchBook math Matías Celedón Matsés Matt Day Matt Deuel Matt Furie Matt Hopard Matt Johnstone Matt Latimer Matt Nelson Matt Novak Matt Stevens Matt Taibbi Matt Wilstein Mattel Matthew “Levee” Chavez Matthew Collins Matthew Fitt Matthew Flacius Matthew Haag Matthew Haley Matthew Haugen Matthew Hopard matthew jockers Matthew Lysiak Matthew McConaughey Matthew Salinger Matthew Schneier Matthias Verbergt Maureen Freely Maurice Sendak Max Gordon Max Greenwood Max J Rosenthal Max Mutchnick Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History Max Weinreich Max Willens Maximilian Terhalle maya angelou Maya Binyam Maya Oppenheim Maya Salam Maybe Dick Mayflower Mayven Missbehavin MC Hyland MC Paul Barman MC Solaar mcdonald’s Mcihael Bartiromo McNally Jackson McSweeney’s Meaghan Leahy Mean vs. Median meanwhile in Canada Media media bias Media consolidation Media Ink Media Mole medicine Meditations in an Emergency Medium Meg Jones Meg Ryan Meg Wolitzer Megan Garber Megan Mullally Megan Paolone Megan Twohey Megan White Meghan McNamara Megyn Kelly Mehmet Altan Meiji Fuji Mein Kampf Mekke Bookstore Mel Gibson Melania Trump Melanie Beasley Melati Kayeo Melba Johnson Kgositsile Melbourne University Press melinda newman Melissa Block Melissa Eddy Mellon Foundation Melville House Melville House Books Melville House Intern Book Club Melville House UK Mem Fox memes memification Memoirs Men Explain Things to Me Men We Reaped mental floss Mercer Island High School merchants of doubt Merisha Gadzo Merl Museum Merriam-Webster merry lunacy Met office Metamorphoses Metamorphosis insectorum surinamensium meth Method Man MeToo MetroCard Metropolitan Museum of Art Mexican American Studies mexicans Mexico MFA programs Mi-ai Parrish miami Miami inmates are sunbathing underwater miami inmates write poetry Michael Anton Michael Barron MIchael Bennet Michael Bible Michael Bloomberg Michael Brown Michael Brune Michael Cader Michael Calderone Michael Cavna Michael Chabon Michael Danaher Michael di Capua Michael Dourson Michael Erard Michael Ferro Michael Flynn Michael Groover Michael J Knowles Michael J. de la Merced Michael Jackson Michael Kazin Michael Kozlowski Michael Lagoni Michael Lelys Michael Lewis Michael M. Grynbaum Michael Middleton Michael Moore Michael Orthofer Michael Patrick Hearn Michael Paulson michael phillips michael pietsch Michael Rogers Michael S. Schmidt Michael Schaub Michael Waldman Michael Waters Michael Weigers Michael Wolf Michael Wolff Michelangelo Michelle Alexander Michelle Dean Michelle Dillon Michelle Franke Michelle Lerner Michelle Malkin Michelle Nijhuis Michelle Obama Michelle Pretorius Michigan State University Michiko Kakutani Mick Jagger Mick Mulvaney Mickey Katz Mickey Mantle Mickey Mouse Middle Earth Middle East Middlemarch midichlorians Midsummer Night’s Dream Midtown Reader Might Current Media Mighty Current Media Miguel de Cervantes Mika Brzezinski Mika Waltari Mike “Sport” Murphy Mike Albo Mike Barker Mike Cernovich Mike Duggan Mike Kilen Mike Krauser Mike Lankford Mike McGonigal Mike Pence Mike Rifanburg mike shatzkin Mike Stark Mike Sunnucks Mike TYson Mike Wallace Mikhail Iossel Mikhail Khodorkovsky mikvah Milan Kundera Miley Cyrus Milkweed Books Milkweed Editions millenials millenials in libraries Millennial millennials Miller Williams millionaires eating tv dinners so they can one day leave millions of dollars to the beloved libraries they work for Milo Yiannapoulos Milo Yiannopoulos Milo Yiannoppoulos milt sledge Milton Reynolds Minecraft Ministry of Justice minneapolis Minneapolis Central Library Minneapolis Public Library Minneapolis Star-Tribune Minnesota Public Radio Minouche Shafik Mira Awad Mirela Rončević miri regev Miro Copic Miroslav Lozovsky misery porn misogyny miss universe Mission District Mission impossible mistakes Misty Copeland MIT Technology Review mitch daniels Mitch McConnell MItch Rubin Mitt Romney Miuccia Prada Mni Wiconi Mo Willems Mobb Deep Moby Dick Fish and Chips Moby-Dick MobyLives mocha mocha dick Modern Times modernism Moffitt Library Mogadishu Mohamed Dubo Mohamed Fermi Mohamedou Ould Slahi mohammad hashim kamali Mohammad Nauman Thakur Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Molasses Books Molly Guptill Molly Ker Hawn Mona Eltahawy Monero money Monica Yi Monique Judge monolith monopoly capitalism montana Montana Republicans Montreal Monty Python moon palace books Moonlight Mordkhe Schaechter More Alive and Less Lonely Morgan Freeman Morgan Library Morgan Robertson Moritz Stephan Morning Edition Morning Media Morocco Morrissey Mose Velsor Mostafa El-Abbadi Mosul Eye Mosul Public Library Motherboard motherfucker movies of PKD mpr news Ms. Marvel MSNB MSNBC MT mta Mu Ping Muammar Gaddafi mucus muhammad ridwan alimuddina Mukoma Wa Ngugi multilingualism Munro Leaf Murat Sabuncu murder museums Music musk seldon muslim brotherhood Muslim writers muslims Mustafa Alper Mustafa Armağan Mustafa Kemal Ataturk My Antonia My Autobiography My Struggle My.Kali Myanmar Mychal Denzel Smith Mystic Celt N + 1 N+1 NAACP Nadeem Center Nadia Murad Nadiya Hussain namrata tripathia Nancy Drew Nancy Gibbs Nancy Pelosi Nancy Watkins Nancy Watzman Nanking Massacre Nanni Balestrini NaNoWriMo Naoki Matayoshi naomi oreskes NARAL narcissism Narendra Modi Narnia Nashville Nassim Nicholas Taleb Nat Segnit Natalia Sharina Natalie Portman Natalie Schreyer Natasha Kassulke Natasha Lomas Natasha Onwuemezi Nate Hoffelder Nate Silver natgeo Nathan Heller Nathan J. Roberts Nathan McAlone Nathanael West National Archives and Records Administration National Book Award National Book Awards National Book Foundation National Center for Transgender Equality National Coalition Against Censorship National Cowboy Poetry Gathering National Defense Authorization Act National Domestic Workers Alliance National Endowment for the Arts National Endowmnet for the Humanities National Front national geographic National Geographic Channel National Immigration Law Center National LGBTQ Task Force National Library of India National Library of Medicine National Literacy Trust National Medal of Arts National Museum of African American History and Culture National Novel Writing Month National Poetry Month National Portrait Gallery National Press Club National Read a Book Day national sales tax National Security Council nationalism Native Americans Native Excellence Native Son NATO Nato Thompson Navajo Nazi Germany Nazik Al-Malaika Nazim Tulyakhodzhayev Nazis nazism Nazlı Ilıcak nba NBC Sports NBCUniversal NEA Neal Pollack Neal Stephenson Neatorama nebraska Neera Tanden neil balthaser Neil Chethik Neil Degrasse Tyson Neil Gaiman Neil Howe neil strauss Nell Casey Nellie Adreeva nelson mandela Nemat Shafik neo-Nazis neoliberalism Nerds nerdwriter Nermin Mollaoğlu Nesrullah Oğuz net neutrality Netflix Netscape Navigator Networks of New York neurology neuroscience neuroskeptic Neveen Youssef Neverland Nevertheless she persisted New Books in German New England New Establishment New Gingrich new hampshire New Jersey New Kingdom Trump new orleans New Republic New School Nightmare New Statesman New York New York City New York Daily News New York Historical Society New York Post New York Public Library New York Quechua Initiative New York Review of Books New York State New York State Department of Corrections New York State Department of Education new york times New York Times bestsellers New York TImes Book Review New York Times Magazine new york times opinion New York Yankees New Yorker new zealand Newark Newark Public Library Newark riots news News Hour Newseum Center NewsGuild NewsHour newsmax newspaper Newspapers newspapers of New England newsroom layoffs Newt Gingrich Neyla Zannia NFL Ngugi wa Thiong’o Niall Ferguson Nicanor Parra Nicaragua Nicci Chronicles Nicholas Bakalar Nicholas Boggs Nicholas Wade Nick Baumann Nick Clegg Nick Groom Nick Kazden Nick Klett Nick Mafi Nick McKenzie Nick Offerman Nick Poole Nick Visser Nick Wingfield Nickie Kortus Nicky Morgan Nico Wehnemann Nico Wesselingh Nicola Griffith Nicola Rotondaro Nicola Solomon Nicola Sturgeon Nicole Kobie Nicole Puglise Nicolle Wallace Niels Lyngsø Nielsen BookScan Nigel Farage Nikil Saval Nikita Khrushchev Nikki Haley Nikky Finney Nikola Tesla Nikolai Andrushchenko Nina Siegal nineteen eighty-four Ningbo Nitsuh Abebe NK Jemisin No Cause for Indictment No One is Coming to Save Us NOAA Noam Chomsky Nobel Committee Nobel Peace Prize Nobel Prize Nobel Prize for Literature Nobel Prize in Literature Noel Gallagher Noëlle Santos Noemi Noir Noisey nonviolence Nook Nora Ephron Nora Krug Norm Macdonald normalization norman bel geddes Norman Mailer NORPAC North Andover North Carolina North Caroline House Bill 2 North Central Correctional Complex North Dakota North Jersey Media Group North Korea North Pole Northamptonshiners Northamptonshire northern california Northern Ireland Northwestern Norway nostalgia Notes Nothing Ever Dies Notorious B.I.G. Notorious R.B.G. novel Novel Hovel Novellas novels NPR NPRL NRA nuclear weapons nudes nudes nudes nudes Numan Kurtulmuş Numbers Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning NURTUREart NY Post NYC NYC DOE nyc history nyc officer of media and entertainment Nylon NYPL NYU O Captain! my Captain! o pioneers! 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