Moby Lives

The Apocalypse is here, and it’s dystopian

May 1, 1920
Greg Hrbek
Not On Fire But Burning White
Not On Fire But Burning white

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In her 1965 essay “The Imagination of Disaster”, Susan Sontag discussed the meaning and power of the catastrophic imagery of science-fiction. The thesis of her argument has now become a trope of pop-cultural psychoanalysis: “we live under the threat of inconceivable terror,” and science-fictional disasters “normalize what is psychologically unbearable, thereby inuring us to it.” Back then, the terror was of a civilization-ending exchange of nuclear weapons. Today, our terror is a little different. We don’t fear the instantaneous end of everything; we fear a gradual end, the steady slide into a state labeled, in the marketplace for stories, as dystopian/post-apocalyptic. That’s how my book is classified, tagged, and shelved.

Is the world of my novel a dystopia? Strictly speaking, that means “a society characterized by human misery.” In fact, the world of the book is no more dystopian than the one we live in now. In the future I envision, we are not living in misery. We are living in a condition of uncertainty, in a perpetual fear of attack and of some final collapse. But we aren’t miserable in the sense that the characters of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road are miserable, struggling every day to survive in a world thrown back to the primitive. But it sort of depends on what you mean by us. Because in my book, in an alternate-universe America, a million Arab-Americans are living in internment camps on the Great Plains, where opium addiction is rampant and drone strikes are commonplace. So, I guess you could say there’s a dystopia here. It’s just not being lived by everyone.


As for the Apocalypse. To borrow a phrase from the Oxford English Dictionary, it’s in “weakened use.” Not to say that literary apocalypses are a dime a dozen. Just: the Apocalype isn’t what it used to be. And I’m not referring to the original meaning of the word (which has to do with revelation). I’m talking about scale—or, degree of disaster.

My book begins with what might be the use of a nuclear weapon by Islamosfascists. No one’s sure. It could also be a meteor, an alien death ray, or the anger of God. The ambiguity is perfectly captured in the cover art by Adly Alewa, who uses no conclusive imagery, but renders the hypocenter in the colors and textures of a dream-holocaust. Ground Zero, in this story, is not the World Trade Center. It’s the Golden Gate Bridge. The physical effect of the “attack” (which, in the world of the story, comes to be known as 8/11) is less like Lower Manhattan in 2001 than Hiroshima/Nagasaki in 1945. Destruction of a city. Deaths in the tens of thousands. It’s a catastrophe, it’s a tragedy. But, in the grand scheme of things, the area of effect is very small.

When I was a kid with a basic understanding of the world (1974–1985), my concern was that the ICBMs would come out of the sky like rain, and a wave of nuclear fire would incinerate America from coast to coast. Apocalypse had one meaning: the immediate end of everything. There might be a few survivors wandering around—like the father and son in The Road—but there certainly wouldn’t be any structure or infrastructure. Once it happened, nothing was ever going to be even remotely the same again. But, in the post-8/11 world of my story, life continues pretty much as it did before. Yes, anxiety and racial tension are high (and like I said, there’s that thing about a million people confined and suffering out of sight), but overall there’s Internet and TV, children go to school, adults go to work, people drive their cars and talk on mobile phones. So, how exactly is this post-apocalyptic?


But there is a more significant issue at the heart of these questions about a novel–a book that might simply be mistakenly categorized; or perhaps purposely miscategorized to gain some visibility via a not-illegitimate but nonetheless tangential connection to a vogue of the market.

The French philosopher, Jean Beaudrillard, made the postmodernly ironic assertion back in 1991 that the Gulf War did not take place. I think it can be said, in the same spirit, that The End has already occurred. We’ve already been through the Apocalypse. We’ve been writing fictions about this state of affairs for some time now and obsessively consuming the stories—and what we think we’re doing is what Sontag told us we were doing: inuring (maybe even inoculating) ourselves to the future unthinkable. But really what we’re doing is denying the circumstances of the present.

What we’re doing is this: We are reading books and watching movies that replay, in a virtually endless series of metaphorical disguises, the American Apocalypse, while the populations of Iraq and Syria (and so on) live in actual unfolding states of dystopic implosion.


I won’t make believe I don’t understand the allure of fictive disaster. I grew up impassioned by the destruction-mythologies of postwar Japan and America: the science-fiction cinema of nuclear fear. To my child’s mind, there was nothing more aesthetically thrilling than monsters laying waste to major cities and taking down historic landmarks. What do you get, as audience, from the sight of a stop-motion animated model of an octopus wrapping its tentacles around a miniature simulacrum of the Golden Gate Bridge and squeezing? You get the existential double-exposure of termination and continuance. That’s the state we live in now. Because the monster finally did come (in the form of a jet plane piloted by atavistic zealots) and The End happened and the resultant shockwave of Dystopia has hit.

What we want now are stories about it.

Tell the story in a new way, just don’t unnerve us too much or make us look too closely at the reality beyond our own borders and make us feel too responsible for it. How about, the world has been burned up by fire, or we’re dying from thirst, or we’re drowning in water, or the zombies are everywhere, or the aliens are invading, or the gas has run out. A scenario that will evoke our sense of trauma without engaging our consciences too directly. Nostalgias of the most profoundly twisted variety camouflaged as cautionary prediction. Ultimate message: It’s a scary idea, but rest easy, it hasn’t happened yet.

Except it has.

So maybe my book is in the right category after all. Because, even though it’s set in the future, it isn’t about the future at all. It’s about the present.




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Arthur Ransome Arthur Rimabaud Arthur Rimbaud Arthur Sulzberger Jr. Arthur Symonds article 50 artificial intelligence artist books artists artists’ books Arts & Culture Arts and Politics Arts Beat Arts Charity Arts Council Arts Council England arts cuts Arts funding Arts investment arts journalism ArtsBeat arundhati roy Arwen Curry AS Byatt As I Lay Dying AS Patric ASA asbestos ASCAP ASCD Aschehoug Aschehoug Agency Asgeir Jonsson Ashely Judd Asheville Ashifa Kassam Ashley Cullins Ashley Feinberg Ashley Graham Ashley Judd Ashley Olson Ashley Parker Ashley Rodriguez Ashley Wong Ashraf Fayadh Ashraf Maklad Ashraf Rifi Asian Literary Prize Asian Winter Games asimov musk Ask a bookseller Ask Me Anything Aslı Erdoğan ASMR Aspen Law asphalt aspic Assad Assassin of Secrets Assassin’s Creed assault assault weapons Assia Djebar Assia Wevill Associate of American Publishers Associated Press Association of American Publishers association of american university presses Association of Bookstores Association of Canadian Archivists Association of Canadian Publishers Association of Writers and Writing Professionals Association of Writers and Writing Programs Astoria Astoria Bookshop astrology Astroturf Asylum Asymptote asymptote journal At the Bay AT&T Atari Atavist Atavist Books Athens-Limestone Public Library Athima Chansanchai athletes Ati Metwaly ATLAB atlanta Atlantic atlantic cities AtlanticLIVE Atlantis Atlantis Books Atlas Atlas & Co atlas obscura Atlas Shrugged Atomic Books atomic energy Atonement Atria Books Attack on Titan Atticus Atticus Books Atticus Finch Atticus Lish Attila Nagy ATV Music AU Auburn Auburn Reporter AUC Press Auction auction house auctions Audi Audible Audible Range audiences Audio Audiobooks audits Audre Lorde Audrey Azoulay audrey magee Audrey Niffenegger Audubon Society augmented reality august derleth August Schleicher Augusten Burroughs Augusten Pinochet Augusto Pinochet Aung San Suu Kyi Aunt Sass Aurélie Filippetti Aurorama Aurorarama austerity austin Austin Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Austin Reed Australia Australia Council Australian Booksellers Association Australian Culture Australian literature Australian parliament Author advice author agents author biographies Author Birthdays Author brands Author Contracts Author discussions author earnings Author essays author event author events author houses author interviews Author Letters author memorabilia author payments author photos Author privacy Author promotion Author Q&A Author Rank Author readings author real estate author replacement author residences author royalties author services Author Solutions Author spats author videos author’s gravesites Author’s Guild v Google authoritarianism authority authorized biographies Authors Alliance Authors for Grenfell Tower authors guild authors in jail Authors Online Authors United authors’ birthdays authors’ houses Authors’ Licensing &Collecting Society Authors’ residences Authors’ Union authorship autobiography autobiography of a corpse autobiography of malcolm x AutoCAD autodidacts autographs automated library Autotrader autumn Autumn Statement AV Club Ava DuVernay avaaz Avalon avant garde books Avatar: The Last Airbender Avengers Avi Lewis aviation Avid Bookshop Avid Reader Avigdor Lieberman Avital Ronell Avril Joy Avtar Singh Makkar Awards Awards and ceremonies awesome hats awesome publishing series awesomeness AWP AWP 2013 awp 2016 AWP 2017 Axel Springer Axel Vervoordt Axios Aya Nader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ayelet waldman Ayn Rand Ayobami Adebayo Ayse Nur azar nafisi Azerbaijan Aziz Ansari Aziz Chaouni Aziz Mohammed Azzi in Between B. Alexandra Szerlip B. Dalton B.F. Skinner B.R. Myers B&N b&n college B&N Union Square ba Baader-Meinhof-phenomenon Baale Parwaz Library Bab Aldonia babar Babbo’s Books Baberaham Lincoln babies baboon Baboon penis baby shoes Baby-sitter’s Club babylon Bachir Hzori Back In Black Back Pages Books Back to the Future Backlist backwards messages bacon bacteria bad book titles bad books Bad Boys II bad deals Bad Feminist bad governors bad grammar bad grammar award Bad Hersfeld bad ideas Bad Little Children’s Books Bad Lucky Goat bad metaphors bad movies bad poetry Bad Robot bad sex Bad Sex Award bad sex in fiction award bad writing Badge Valesquez baen BAFTA Baghdad Bagni di Lucca bags baguettes Bahram Olfati Bail Bloc Baileys baileys prize Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction Bailout Bain Capital baker & taylor Bakhtyar Ali Ball of Fire Ballet ballpoint pens Baltimore Baltimore Beat Balzac Balzac’s Omelette BAM! BAME banality banality of evil Banana Yoshimoto bananas Band Aid Bangkok bank note Bank of America Bank of England banking bankrupt bankruptcy bankruptcy law Banned Book Week Banned books Banned Books Week banned children’s books banned from libraries Bannon Bantam Books Bao Pu Baphomet Barack Oba Barack Obama Barack Obama Presidential Center Barack Obama Sr Barak Obama barb darrow Barbara A. Radnofsky Barbara Bush Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy barbara byrd-bennett Barbara Cartland Barbara Casassus Barbara Ehrenreich Barbara Epler Barbara Epstein Barbara Ewing Barbara Fister Barbara Goldsmith barbara gordon-jones Barbara Hoffert Barbara Kingsolver Barbara Kopple Barbara Marcus Barbara Mikulski Barbara Radnofsky Barbara Ringer Barbara Schwepcke Barbara Stanwyck Barbara Stripling Barbara Taylor Bradford Barbara Vine barbara’s booksellers Barbara’s Bookstore Barbarians at the Gate barbed wire books Barbers Barcelona bard Bard College Bard of the Deal Bared to You barf bag barf bags barfly Barnard College barnard zine library Barnes Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble! Of course Barnes and Noble Barnes and Noble College Barnes and Noble Education Barney Rosset barnstar Baroness Joan Bakewell Barrack Obama Barracoon Barron’s Barry Bostwick Barry C. Lynn barry eisler Barry Forshaw Barry Goldblatt Barry Goldwater barry jenkins barry lynn Barry Ostrager bars Barskova BART Bart Beaty Bart Layton Bart Simpson bart’s books barter that bartlebag Bartleby Bartleby The Scrivener baseball Baseball books baseball metaphors because i’m a dad apparently based on a book Bashar al-Assad basic books Basil Fawlty basketball Basma Abdel Aziz Basque Basque diaspora Bastei Lübbe Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme Bat For Lashes Bata Batavia Batgirl bathos Bathroom Bill bathtubs Battersea Arts Centre Battery Park Book Exchange Battle of Anghiari Battle-Pieces bavaria Baxter Black Bay Area Bay Area Book Festival Bay Psalm Book Baz Luhrmann BBC BBC America BBC Culture BBC director general BBC licence fee BBC News BBC Panorama BBC Radio BBC Radio 4 BBC Trust BBDO bdsm Be Like Ada BEA Bea Koch Beach Boys beach library beach reads Beards Beastie Boys Beat generation Beatlebone Beatles Beatrice Beatrice Ask Beatrix Potter Beautiful foods Beauty is a Sleeping Cat Beauvoir beaverton elementary school beavis and butthead Because I could not stop for death Becca R. Levy bechdel test becker college Beckett Becky Peterson become a superhoot Becoming Becoming Leonardo Bed Bed Bath and Beyond bedbugs Bedforshire University bedtime stories Beef Beef Products beer bees Behind the Book Behold the Dreamers Bei Ling Beijing Beinecke Library Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library being back in the U.S.S.R. being from the U.S.S.R. 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Bergan Benjamin Kunkel Benjamin Ludwig Benjamin Millepied Benjamin Mueller Benjamin Mullin Benjamin Netanyahu Benjamin Oreskes Benjamin Schwarz Benjamin Zephaniah Benjy Compson Benn Ray Bennett Cerf Bennett Madison Benoit Puttemans Bentley Motors Beowulf Berekeley Free Speech Movement Bérengère Viennot Berentzen Schnapps Bergen County berjaya Berkeley Berkeleyside berkley Berkley Books Berks County Berlin Bernard Malamud Bernard Quaritch Bernard Schlink Bernardo Reyes bernd brunner berne convention berne convention for the protection of literary and artistic works Bernie Sanders bernie’s book bank berryman bertelsmann Berthold Wolpe Bertolt Brecht Best American Experimental Writing Best American Poetry Best Book Design best buckaroo Best Little Bookshop best of the year best of young british writers bestseller bestseller list bestseller lists Bestsellers bestselling Beth Anderson Beth Elderkin Beth Ireland Betsy DeVos Betsy Prioleau betsy rider Better Book Tour Better Books better call saul Better uses for money Betty Glover Betty Rosa betty smith between the world and me Between Words and Screen Bex Hay Bey Beyoncé Beyond the Book Beyond Words Bezos BFI Film Classics BFMTV BGSQD Bhagyashree Barlingay Bhaskar Sunkara Bianca Britton Bibi Bakare-Yusuf bible bibles Biblioball Bibliocommons bibliomania BiblioNasium bibliophiles Bibliotheca Alexandrina Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica Bibliothèque Nationale Bibliotherapists Bibliotherapy Bic Cristal bid time return Bide Biff big bang press Big Black big book Big Books big brother big buyouts big corporations big data Big Five big five publishing big government BIg Green Books big important questions that are very inside baseball Big Library Read Big publishing big six publishers Big Stair bigger corporations bigotry Bike the Branches Bikers for Books bikes Bilbo Baggins bilge ebiri Bill Adler Bill and Melinda Gates Bill and Ted Bill Bennett Bill Bigelow bill bissett Bill Cardoso bill chappell bill clegg Bill Clinton Bill Condon Bill Cosby Bill Cunningham Bill Cunningham: New York Bill de Blasio Bill DeBlasio Bill Gates bill goodykoontz Bill Hamilton Bill Haslam Bill Hellman Bill Holtzclaw Bill Lasarow Bill Martin Bill McKibben Bill Miller Bill Moehle Bill Murray Bill O’Reilly Bill of Rights Bill Press Bill Rosenblatt Bill Saperstein Bill Simmons Bill Spence bill waterson bill watterson Bill Weld Bill Wiley Bill Wrigley billboard billboards Billiards at Half-past Nine billie holiday billionaire problem Billionaires Billy Bush Billy Collins Billy Corgan Billy Crystal Billy Graham billy mills Billy Parrott billy ray Billy Schwab Dunn Billy Zane Binc Binc Foundation bind torture kill binge reading binge-watching bingo Bini Adamczak Binsey Poplars biNu Binyavanga Wainaina biographies biography Biography & memoir Biology biopics BioShock Birchbark Books birchbark books and native arts Birmingham Library Birmingham Mail birmingham public library Birobidzhan birthday Birthday Letters birthdays BISAC subject headings biscuits Bishoy Armia Boulous Bison Books Bit Torrent Bitch Planet Bitche bitcoin Biteback Bitmap Books bitter defeat BitTorrent Biyi Bandele bizarre economic forecasts Bjork Björn Halldórsson Björn Höcke Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson BKBF Black Cube Black Dog & Leventhal black friday Black Friday Sale Black History Month Black Literature Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter syllabus Black Ops 2 Black Panthers Black Rock White City black sabbath Black Sparrow Press Black Star Nairobi Black Widow Press Black Youth Project Blackberry Blackewll’s blackfish blackhat blacklisted blackmail Blackstar Blackwell’s Blackwell’s bookshop Bladerunner blaine hardenc Blaise Cendrars Blake Bailey Blake Shelton blank books blasphemy laws blathering fucking idiots Blazes Boylan Bleak House Bleeding Edge blind blindness Blinkist blizzards blockchain blog to book bloggers blogging blogosphere Blogs Blood and Guts in High School Blood Books bloody benders Bloomberg Bloomberg News bloombrb Bloomindales Bloomsberry Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Children’s Books Bloomsbury group Bloomsbury USA Bloomsday Bloomsday on Broadway blowback Blue Bunny Books and Toys Blue Delliquanti and Robert J. 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Study Group book industry. charitable foundation Book journalism & criticism Book launch book launches book law book lists book love book lust Book Lust Rediscoveries Book Manufacturers’ Institute book marketing Book Marks book news Book Nook Book of Dust book of hours book of jezebel Book of Khalid Book of Laughter and Forgetting Book of Mormon Book of Numbers Book of Revelations Book of the Dead book ownership book packaging book parties book party book passage book people book picks book plates book polls Book prices book pricing book printing Book Prizes book production Book Promotions book publicity Book Publishing Book Reports Book Reviewing Book reviews Book Riot book sales Book sculpture book selling book seo book series Book Signings book smell Book Soup book stall at chestnut court book stuffing book success Book Swaps for London book tax book tech book theft Book thieves book throwing Book Thug Nation book to prison pipeline Book tour Book Tours Book Trailer book tv book van book vending machines Book Videos Book View Café Book Wheel Book World book-banning book-binding book-lovers book-making book-reading rates book-to-film book*hug bookateria BookBar bookbinding Bookboard. bookcon BookCourt Booked Up Booker Booker Foundation Booker Prize Booker Prize Foundation BookExpo America BookFellas Bookindy Bookish bookishness in leaders BookLamp bookless library BookLife Booklr bookman Bookman/Bookwoman bookmobile Bookmobiles Bookninja BookNLP bookpeople bookplates BookReels BookRiot books Books & Brews Books & film Books & films books & music books about sex Books About Town books and their uses Books Are My Bag books as armor books as art Books as gifts Books as objects books as products (bad) books as products (not necessarily bad) Books at Play Books Beneath the Bridge books by the foot Books from Birth books from police Books I Love books in art books in translation Books Inc. books not bombs Books of social protest books on bikes Books on Buses Books on the 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Jacobs-Jenkins Brandon Baker Brandon Garrett Brandon Griesemer brandon stout brands Braun Books Brave Brazenhead Books Brazil Brazilian National Association of Newspapers Brazilian publishing Brazos Bookstore Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing Break the Simulation break up the banks! breakfast breaking bad breaking up is hard to do Breece D’j Pancake breitbart Breitling Brenda Hillman Brendan Cox brendan o’connor Brenner and God brent harrison Brentano’s Bret Easton Ellis Bret Stephens Brett Abrahams Brett Gelman Brett R. Smith Brett Sandusky Brett Zongker Brett Zonker Brewster Kahl Brewster Kahle BREXIT BrexLit Brian Baugh Brian Bendis Brian Beutler Brian Brown Brian C Mitchell Brian Calle Brian Carr Brian Chung Brian Dillon Brian Doherty Brian Eno Brian Flood Brian Helgeland Brian Jackson Brian Jones Brian Joseph Davis Brian K. Vaughan Brian Kenji Iwana Brian Kilmeade Brian Krebs Brian Lake Brian Lam Brian Lamb Brian Lehrer brian mcgreevey Brian Monaghan Brian Myers Brian Rogers Brian Rosenthal Brian Sewell Brian Steinberg Brian Stelter brian truitt Brian Vaughan Brian Vickers Brian Williams brick and mortar retail Bricks bricks and mortar shops brideshead revisited bridge books Bridge to Terabithia Bridget Jones Bridget Jones’s Baby Bridget Jones’s Diary Bridget Kinsella Bridget Lawless bright star Brighton Festival Brilliant Books Bring Up the Bodies Brisbane Brisbane Writers Festival Bristol Britain British British Academy British audiences British Authors British book British bookshops British Centre for Literary Translation British citizen British Council British Crime Fiction British culture british education British employment law British fiction British foreign secretary British government British Heart Foundation British high street British highstreet British journalism British Library British Medical Journal british money British Museum British National Union of Teachers British newspapers British Pound British publishing British Sea Power British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies british stuff British theatre Britney Spears Britpop Britt Allcroft Britta Lokting Brittany Britto brittany e. shulman Brittany Packnett bro-fest Broadchurch Broadly Broadside Books Broadway Broadway Books Broadway World broken arrows Brolliology Brontë Parsonage Museum Brontë Society Bronwen Weatherby bronx bronx community Bronx Freedom Fund Bronzeville Scholastic Institute Brooke Seipel brookline booksmith brookly-queens expressway Brooklyn Brooklyn Avengers brooklyn based Brooklyn Book Fair Brooklyn Book Festival brooklyn bookstore Brooklyn Bridge Park brooklyn college Brooklyn Heights Branch Brooklyn Heights Public Library Brooklyn Historical Society Brooklyn Library Brooklyn Museum brooklyn poets Brooklyn Public Library Brooklyn Roasting Company Brooklyn Zine Fest bros Brothers Grimm Broward County Brown Brown for Young Readers Brown University Brown University Library Brownstone Brooklyn brownstoner Bruce Andrews Bruce Barcott Bruce Brugmann Bruce Chatwin bruce collier Bruce Dadey Bruce Feiler Bruce Fretts Bruce Golding Bruce Handy Bruce Harreld Bruce Lee bruce springsteen Bruce Willis Brue Gilley Bruno Racine Bruno Schulz Bryan Burrough Bryan Chung Bryan Cogman Bryan Cranston Bryan Curtis Bryan Fuller bryan goldberg bryan henderson Bryan Stevenson Bryce Milligan Bryn Mawr College bs johnson btk killer Bubba the Love Sponge bubble Buck “Buck” Peterson Buck Owens Buckaroo Buckaroo culture Buckaroos Budapest Budd Schulberg Buddha buddhism Buddy Holly Budget cuts budgets Budweiser Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Herald Buffalo News Buffalo Street Books Buffy the Vampire Slayer build the wall building the future bukowski Bulgakov bulgaria Bulgarian State Security bulk mailing bulletproof books bulletproof vest bullets in bibles bullies bullshit bullshit versus nonsense Bumble Bundeskartellamt bundling Bundogate bunkers Bunkyosha Bureau of General Services - Queer Division bureaucracy Burke’s Books Burlesque burma burmese days Burning Books Burning Man Burning Through Pages Burning Tree Elementary School; Burton Barr Library buruji kashamu bus driver busboys & poets Bushwick Brooklyn business business insider Business of publishing Businessweek Bustle but Burning butt butter Butter the cat buy indie buyout buzz Buzz Bissinger buzzfeed BuzzFeed Books BuzzFeed News By the Book By the Numbers Byliner C-Span C-suite feminism C. K. Stead c. spike trotman c.d. rose C.E. Kilgore c.m. eddy C.R.E.A.M C.S. Lewis CAConrad Cafebrería El Péndulo caged bird legacy cai Caine Prize Cairo Cairo Book Fair cairoscene Caitlin Ayer Caitlin Dewey Caitlin Flanagan Caitlin Moran Caitlyn Jenner Caitriona Lally Cal Ripken Jr Caldecott Medal Winners Caleb Crain Caleb Green Caledonia Books calendar Calendar Girls calendars calf’s head Calgary Calgary Public Library Cali cartel California California State Assembly Call it Sleep Call Me Dave Call Me Ishmael Callan Wink Callie Kloves Calliope Author Readings calmann-lévy CalTech Calvert Journal Calvin & Hobbes calvin and hobbes Calvin Freiburger Calvin Reid calvin wilson Cambridge cambridge university Cambridge University Library Cambridge University Press Camdenton High School camera Cameron Ackroyd Cameron Neylon cameron slater cameroon Camilla Camilla Long Camilla Turner Camille Desmoulins Camille Paglia Camilo A. Caballero campaign ads campaign finance campaign money campaign promises Campaign Zero campaigners Campus Antifascist Network campus bookstores Campus Confidential campus speech Campus tour Camus can can a bag save a company Canabalt Canada canadian Canadian Association of Law Libraries Canadian authors Canadian Authors for Indies Day canadian booksellers association canadian bookselling Canadian Library Association Canadian publishing candace chellew-hodge candelight Candi Leach Candlewick Press candy Candy Crush Candy Spelling canis familiaris CanLit cannabis Cannes Cannes Lions Canongate cape gannets Capital Capital New York Capital Records capitalism Capitol Hill Books capitol nashville Capitol Theatre Cappelen Damm Captain Ahab Captain America Captain Underpants Car Sagan Cara Black Cara Giaimo Caravaggio carbon dating Carbonari Carcanet Press card catalog card games Cardiff Cardiff Dead Cardiff School of Art and Design careers Carey Mulligan Carey Purcell cargo Caribbean literature Carina Hsieh Carl Bernstein Carl Campanile Carl Davis Carl Hiaasen Carl Malamud Carl Marks & Co v. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Carl Pope Carl Schmitt Carl Solomon carl straumsheim Carla D. Hayden Carla Hayden Carla Saulter Carles Torner Carlo Rovelli Carlos Brenan Carlos Campos Carlos Castillo Carlos Fuentes Carlos Tejada Carlos Torner Carly Fiorina Carmen Carmen Bugan carmen johnson Carmen Maria Machado Carnegie Fiction and Non-fiction prizes Carnegie Hall Carnegie Library Carnegie Medal Carnegie Mellon University Carol Ann Duffy Carol Christ carol hughes carol klein Carol Loeb Shloss Carol S. Dweck Carol Snowden Carol Stoltz Carol Valleau Carolan Madden Carole Baron Carole Charnow Carole Radziwill Carolina de Robertis Carolina Lopez Caroline Bergvall Caroline Carpenter Caroline Casey Caroline Criado-Perez Caroline Davies Caroline Goldstein Caroline Grueskin Caroline Kovach Caroline Warman Carolyn Kellog Carolyn Kellogg Carolyn Maloney Carolyn Nowak Carolyn Reidy Carolyn See Carolyn Wood Carrère and Hastings Carrie Anne Welsh Carrie Battan Carrie Brownstein Carrie Fisher Carrie Harmon carroll bryant Carroll Cartwright Carson Vaughan Carson Wentz Cartagena Carthage cartography cartoon network Carulla carver Cary Loren Casanova Casanova The Passion for Freedom CasaPound cascadia subduction zone Casey Affleck cash money cashing in Casimir Adamowitz-Kostrowicki Casino Royale Cassandra Austen cassandra clare Cassava Republic Press Casterman Castro cat cat mysteries Cat Person catalogs Catalonia Catch 2039 Catch-22 Catcher in the Rye Cate Corcoran Catelyn Stark Catherine Emmanuelle Catherine Hakim Catherine Wong Cathi Unsworth Catholic books catholic church Catholic Worker Newspaper Catholocism Cathy Langer Cathy Park Hong Cathy Stepp Cathy Wurzer Catie Disabato Cats Cats the musical cause causeway bay books Causeway Bay booksellers caves in Norway CBC cbc news CBLDF CBS CBS This Morning CCI CCTV CE Morgan cease and desist Cecile Aubry cecile lal Cecilia conrad Cecilia Fuentes Macedo Celebration of Harry Potter Celebrities celebrity celebrity books celebrity chef Celebrity Chekhov celebrity culture celebrity endorsement celebrity memoir Celebrity nonsense Celebrity writers Celeste Langan Celeste Ng celina su Celine Cell phones censorhip Censorship censorship of publications board Center for an Urban Future Center for Army Lessons Learned Center for Constitutional Rights center for copyright infomation Center for Copyright Information Center for internet and society Center for Jewish History center for plain language Center for Reading Research Center for the Art of Translation Center for Urban Planning central asia institute Central Connecticut State University central europe central intelligence agency Central Java Central Library Central Library Plan central London central park Central Plan Central Public Library Central Saint Martins Central St Martin’s School of Art Centre College centre for public integrity CEO ceos ceridwen dovey certamen certiorari Cervantes César Aira cesario alejandro félix padilla figueroa Chad Felix Chad Harbach chain book selling Chain bookselling chain bookstores Chain of Booklovers Chairman Greenspan chairs Champaign Illinoise Chana Porter Chance Beaucoup Chance Hoener Chance the Rapper Chandler Chandos portrait chandra love Chang-rae Lee Changbi Publishers change changed endings changes to dictionary Changing Hands Bookstore Chantelle Semester Chantelle Symester Chapel Hill Public Library Chaplin Chapters Indigo Char Adams character reform Charing Cross Charing Cross Road Festival Charis Books & More charitable donations charitable giving charity charity shops Charitybuzz charitywatch Charlaine Harris charles babbage Charles Barker Charles Batambuze Charles Baudelaire Charles Bernstein Charles Boustany Charles Brownstein Charles Bukowski charles christopher horton Charles D. Warren Charles Darwin charles darwint Charles Day Charles Dickens Charles Dickens Museum Charles Dodgson Charles Foster Kane charles frazier Charles II Charles Ives charles krauthammer Charles L. Brieant Charles M. Schulz Charles Manson charles mcgrath Charles Miers Charles Mingus Charles Paul Hoffman charles petersen Charles Peterson Charles Pulliam-Moore Charles Rennie Mackintosh Charles Saatchi Charles Sahm Charles Schumer Charles Scribner and Sons Charles Shields charles simic charles stross Charles Whitman Charles Wright charles yu charleston Charleston Library Society Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie Brown Charlie Chaplin Charlie Geer Charlie Hebdo Charlie Jane Anders charlie kaufman Charlie Rose Charlotte Abrahams Charlotte Bronte Charlotte Gao Charlotte Mandell Charlotte Pence Charlotte Perkins Gilman Charlotte Runcie Charlotte Shane Charlottesville Charlyne Yi Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals Chase Purdy Chaser chatbot chats chaucer’s books Chaz Reetz-Laiolo cheap books Chechen War Chechnya cheetopocalypse cheever Chekhov Chellie Pingree Chelmsford Chelsea Chelsea Clinton Chelsea Manning chen guancheng Chen Guiqiu Cheng Yi Cher Cherie Blair Cherjo Shpini cherry Lambrini Cheryl Harris Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan Cheryl Lu-Lien Tran Cheryl Strayed Chesed Shel Emeth Chester Kallman Cheung Chi-ping Chevalier Chevalier in the Order of the Legion of Honor of France Chewbacca Chez Panisse Vegetables chiamanda ngozi adichie Chicago Chicago Bulls Chicago libraries Chicago Magazine Chicago Manual Chicago Public Library Chicago Public Schools chicago review of books Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Teachers’ Strike Chicago Tribune Chicanos chick-lit Chicken Soup for the Soul Chico Menashe Chigozie Obioma child Child memoirs children Children of the Sun children’s book council Children’s Books children’s choice book awards Children’s Dictionary and Language Team Children’s Internet Protection Act children’s librarians Children’s Lit Children’s Literacy Children’s literature Children’s market children’s publishing Children’s Storefront Children’s writing childrens reading Chile Chimamanda Adichie Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie chimpanzees China China AI China in Ten Words China lawsuit China president books china retail news china’s godfather China’s president reads Chinelo Okparanta Chinese Chinese authors chinese censorship Chinese cinema Chinese Communist Party chinese government Chinese publishing Chinese University Chinua Achebe Chip Chip Englander Chip Kidd Chip McGrath Chipotle Chloe Bass Chloe Farand Chloe Melas Chloe Sevigny Chobani Choire Sicha CHORUS chris arnold Chris Bachelder Chris Baker Chris Baraniuk Chris Buckley Chris Conway Chris Cornell Chris Currie Chris Dunker Chris F. Holm Chris Foresman Chris Giles CHris Gilson Chris Grayling Chris Hadfield Chris Hayes Chris Hedges chris hemsworth is def hotter though liam is still hot Chris Hondros chris hsiang Chris Hughes Chris Jackson Chris Jelley Chris Johnston Chris Kraus Chris Kuzneski Chris Kyle Chris Lehmann Chris Marinello Chris Massie Chris McGrath Chris Meadows Chris Mullin chris nashawaty Chris O’Falt Chris Offutt Chris Orr Chris Oxley Chris Power Chris Rushby Chris Sacca Chris Smyth chris weitz Chris West Chris Westbury Chris White Chris Wright Chrish Hughes Christ Church christa wolf Christian Anderson christian bale Christian Berger Christian Bök christian books Christian conservatives Christian County Justice Center in Ozark Square Christian Grey Christian Hartmann Christian Krahling christian publishing Christian Science Monitor Christian Teresi christian Ward Christiane Amanpour christianity Christie Golden Christie’s Christie’s Paris Christin Evans Christina Cauterucci Christina Patterson Christina Stead Christine Catlin Christine Lagarde Christine Onorati Christine Todd Whitman christine wolff Christmas Christmas book flood Christmas shopping Christophe Labbé Christopher Awdry Christopher B Christopher Beha Christopher Benfey Christopher Bonanos Christopher Borelli Christopher Boucher Christopher Brookmyre Christopher Cerf Christopher D. Shea Christopher Dodd Christopher Domingues Michael christopher groskopf Christopher Hayes Christopher Hitchens Christopher Hitchens: The Last Interview and Other Conversations Christopher Hogwood Christopher Hooton Christopher Isherwood Christopher J. Brock Christopher Janes Kimberly Christopher King Christopher L. Eisgruber Christopher Lee Christopher Lloyd christopher marlowe Christopher Mele Christopher Morley Christopher Myers Christopher Nolan Christopher North Christopher Orlowski Christopher Petrella Christopher Priest Christopher Richards christopher richardson Christopher Robin Milne Christopher Robins Christopher Walken Christopher’s Diary Chronic City Chronicle Books Chronicle of Higher Education Chronicles of Narnia Chrstine Hauser Chuck Berry Chuck Dixon Chuck Finley Chuck Jones Chuck Mertz Chuck Palahniuk Chuck Schumer chuck tingle chuck todd chuck wendig Chuck Windig Chuckchi-Kamchatkan Chunyun Church of England church of satan Church of Scientology Churchill Churnalism CIA Ciara Nugent cigarettes CILIP Cincinati Public Library Cincinnati Cinderella Cindi LEive Cindy Cohn Cindy Pon cinema Cinémathèque Française CIPFA ciphers circumflex CISPA cities on fire Citigroup Citizen citizen canine citizen defending libraries Citizen: An American Lyric Citizens Defending Libraries citizenship Citlali Lopez Maldonado City College City Lights City of Asylum City of Culture City of Literature program City on Fire City Paper citypages Civet gland crayons Civic Economics civil liberties civil rights Civil War Civilised Saturday CJR Claire Alexander Claire Armistead Claire Armitstead Claire Atkinson Claire Berlinski Claire Carter Claire Clairmont Claire Cortese Claire Dederer Claire Fallon Claire Kelley Claire Kirch Claire McCaskill Claire Messud Claire Sandberg Claire Schwartz Claire Tomalin Claire Vaye Watkins Claque Clara Berglund Clara Jones Clare Alexander Clare Balding Clare Swanson Claremont Review of Books Clarence Thomas Clarissa Clarissa Dalloway Clarisse Loughrey Clark Stoeckley class class action lawsuit class tourism Classics classification system classiness Claude Askolovitch Claude Ponti Claude Rains Claude Simon claudia rankine Claudio Gatti Clay Shirky Clay Workman Clayton Purdom clean reader Clément Monjou Clementine Ford Cleopatra Clerkenwell Tales Cleveland Cleveland Indians Cleveland Public Library Cleveland Scene cli-fi cliched scams cliches clickbait clickfarms CliffNotes Climat Investigation climate change climate crisis climate fiction Climate Investigation climate literacy clint eastwood Clinton clinton cash Clinton Hill clinton memoir Clinton Street Books clive bell Clive Cussler Clive Hamilton Clive James Clive Thompson Cliven Bundy closure clothes Cloud Atlas cloud computing Clyde B. Anderson CM Rubin Cmiique Iitom Cnaan Liphshiz CNet CNN CNN African Journalist Award CNN’s Co-Ops Coach and Horses Coachella coal mines coal mining coal power coalition government Cobbe portrait Cobble Hill Coca-Cola cocksucker cocktail cocktail napkins codes Codex Calixtinus codex group Codices Cody Delistraty coffee coffee house press coinages coincidence Cointelpro Cokie Roberts colbert report Cold War coldplay cole lockhart Coleridge Coliloquy Colin Dwyer Colin Firth colin johnson Colin Kaepernick Colin O’Brien Colin Powell Colin Robinson Colin Thubron collectible books collection agency collections collective bargaining collectors Colleen Dewhurst colleen flaherty Colleen Kammer Colleen O’Neill college college bookstores college newspapers college of charleston College of One College of the Atlantic college reads! college students college textbooks Colleges and Universities Collider Collins Bartholomew Collins dictionary Collins English Dictionary collusion collusion that is weirdly almost ok even if it’s not great colm toibin colm toibinm london review of books Colombia colon Colonel Sanders colonialism Colophon Center Color for Change Color Nook colorado coloring books coloured chalk Colson Whitehead colton burpo Colum McCann Columbia Columbia Journalism Review Columbia Publishing Course columbia record club Columbia University Columbia University Press Columbus Circle Columbus Metropolitan Library Combined Arms Center Comcast comedy Comedy Central comfort women Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Comic Book Resources comic books comic conventions Comic-Con Comics comics laureate Comics Literacy Awareness Comics Plus Comittee to Protect Journalists Comix Creatrix Comixology comma Comma Press commemorative coins Commencement speeches Comment is Free Commentary comments commercial fiction Commercials Commissioner of Competition commissioner rawls commitee on evil literature Committe to Save the New York Public Library Committee to Protect Journalists Committee to Save the New York Public Library Committee to Save the NYPL commodifying art commodity fetishism Commodore 64 Common Core Common Core State Standards Common Dreams common good books Common Mistakes Regarding Prayer Common people Common Sense Media Commonwealth Short Story Prize communism Communism for Kids communists Community Board Five Community Booksto Community Bookstore community center community centers community policing and reading compass books competition Complete Review Complete Works for Elementary School Students ComPost computer Computer Bookshops Ltd computer science computer scientists computers Comte de Lautremont Concealed weapons concerts Concordia University Wisconsin Conde Nast condescension Condoleezza Rice condos Coney Island Confederate flag conference calls conferences confession albums confessionalism Confessions of a Thug confidential confidentiality Confirmation Bias conflicts of interest Confucious confusion Conglomerate Conglomerate Publishing Congregation Beit Simchat Torah congress Congressional sit-in Connaught Place Connecticut Conneticut Connie Bruck Connie Willis Conor Lamb Conor Spahr Conrad Martens Conscience of a Conservative conseratives Conservative conservative activism Conservative cuts conservative gasbags Conservative Government conservative media conservative publishing conservative talk radio conservatives conservativism considered intentional format decisions consignment consonants Consortium consortiums conspiracies conspiracy conspiracy theories conspiracy theory Constable & Robinson constance garnett Constance Markievicz Constantin Heger Constantine Rafinesque Constitution of Medina Consumed consumer fraud consumer goods consumer satisfaction consumers content content development content wars contest contests Contra Mundum Contraband Cocktail Contraband Cocktail Friday Contraband Cocktail Hour contraband cocktails contract disputes contracts controversial writing controversies Controversy controvery Conundrum Press conventional wisdom Conventions & conferences convergent Conversational Reading Conversations with Mr. Prain conversions Cook and Becker Cookbooks cookery books cookie cutting (metaphorically) Cookie Jam cooking cool dads Coolio Cooper McHatton Cooper Union Cooper Wilhelm cooperative COP 21 Copeland Book Market Copernicus Copper Canyon Copper Canyon Press copperfield’s Coptic copy editors Copy-editor’s dilemma copyediting Copyeight Law Copyrght Law copyright Copyright Alert System copyright exception Copyright infringement copyright issues copyright law copyright trolls Copywriting Corbin Hilar corduroy Corey Doctorow corey lewandowski Corey Mesler Corey Michael Dalton Corey Robin Cormac Video Corman McCarthy Cormoran Strike Corn Scnapps Cornell William Brooks cornerstone ministries Cornwall Corporate Accountability International corporate advocacy corporate condescension corporate consolidation corporate culture Corporate shenanigans corporate slime corporate sponsorship corporate taxes corporate welfare Corporation for Public Broadcasting corporations Corpus publishing correspondence Corruption Cortney Roark cory arcangel Cory Doctorow Cosmopolis (good cosmopolitan Cost of Knowledge Costa Award Costa Book Awards Costa Book of the Year Costa Coffee Costa Prize Costa Short Story Prize costco Cotchford Farm Cothburn O’Neal cottaging Cotton Tenants Councillor Mannix Flynn Count Branicki Count Olaf counterculture Counterpoint Press Counting in Quileute Country Life country music Country Musics 20/20 country singers County of Los Angeles Public Library CourseSmart Analytics Court of Cassation Courthouse News Service Courtney Hodell Courtney Love courtney milan cover art cover design CovertAction covfefe Cowboy Poerty cowboys cowering space coworkers crackdown craft beer Crafton Hills College crafts Craig Anneberg craig brown Craig Constantinides Craig Cox Craig Fehrman Craig Ferguson Craig M. Douglas Craig Mazin Craig McDonald Craig Newman Craig Osso Craig Smith craig thompson Craigslist Crain’s New York Business crankyethicist crash crashing Crass publishing Crazy Jewish Mom cre Cream CreateSpace creationism Creative Artists Agency Creative Capital creative community outreach Creative Industries Council Creative Review Creative Scotland Creative Writing creepy cremains Crème de la Crime cressida cowell Crime crime & punishment Crime and Punishment crime blotter Crime fiction Crime thrillers crime writing Crimea crimes against alex shephard Crimes against eloquence crimes i did not commit Crimespree Magazine criminal criminals Crippled America Cristina Garcia Cristina Jimenez Criticism critics Critique of Pure Reason Croatia Croatia reads Crooked Hillary Crooked Timber Crossrail Crowd-funding crowd-sourcing crowded house crowdfunding Crowds and Power crowdsourcing Crown Crown Forum Crown Publishing Group CRTC Crticism cruelty cruelty to books Crunchyroll cryptocurrency Crystal Allen cspan Cthulhu cthulu Cuba cuckoo’s calling Cudjo Lewis CUF culinary Cullen Nawalkowsky Cultivating Thought cults cultural appropriation Cultural Revolution Cultural Secretary culture Culture As Weapon Culture Push culture wars culture-bound syndromes Cumhuriyet Cuneiform cunt CUNY cuny graduate center curation Curb Your Enthusiasm Curiosa curious george Curious Matter currency Current Affairs Current events books Currer Bell curriculum curse Cursed Child cursing Curt Mattews Curt Matthews Curtis Acosta Curtis Brown Curtis Dawkins curtis hanson Curtis Sittenfeld Curtis White Curtis Yarvin cussin’ Cute cute buttons Cutler Files cuts to libraries Cyber Monday cyberbullying cybergarb cyberlit cyberstalking cynicism Cynthia Chiong Cynthia Graham Hurd Cynthia Hurd Cynthia Kadohata Cynthia Nixon cynthia ozick czech republic Czechoslovakia Czeslaw Milosz D-Wave D.B. Weiss D.C. D.D. Guttenplan D.H. Lawrence D.J. Taylor D.T. Max D’Angelo d’oh da Vinci Da Vinci Code DACA Dachshund dachshunds Daddy Daddy Yankee dae isay Daenerys Targaryen Daesh Daft Punk Dagur Hjartarson Dai Congrong Dai Xuelin Daily Beast Daily Dot Daily Express Daily Kos Daily Mail Daily Mirror Daily News photos Daily Telegraph daisy hildyard Daisy Wong Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings Dakota Access Pipeline Dakota Fanning dakota johnson Dalabon Dalai Lama Dale Askey Dale M. Courtney Dale Peck Dale Szxzebloswki Daliyah Marie Arana Dalkey Archive Dalkey Archive Press Dallas Dallas City Council Dalloday Dalya Alberge Damian Gascoigne Damian Lewis damian mcbride Damian Thompson damien hirst Damien McGuinness Damien Walter Dan Ackroyd Dan Booth Dan Brown Dan Cassaro Dan Cohen dan fagin Dan Flavin Dan Kois Dan Koon Dan Meuser dan murphy Dan Ozzi Dan Perkins Dan Piepenbring dan pilkey Dan Pipenberg Dan Preist Dan Prichard dan raile Dan Rather Dan Selcke Dan Simon Dan Slater Dan Voiculescu Dan Wagstaff Dan Weiss Dan Wineman Dana Calvo Dana Carvey Dana Goodyear Dana Hunsinger Benbow Dana International Dana Lewis Dana Perino Danae Stratou Dane Neller Danez Smith dangdang Dangerous dangerous fiction Daniel “Moe” Thomas Daniel Alarcon Daniel Arshack Daniel Bloom Daniel Caron Daniel Casasanto daniel clowes Daniel Craig Daniel Curtis Daniel Hahn Daniel Halévy Daniel Handler Daniel Johnson Daniel Jose Older Daniel Levin Becker Daniel Link Daniel Mendelsohn Daniel Miller Daniel Pantaleo Daniel Perlmutter Daniel Power daniel pritchard Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Reetz Daniel Schulman Daniel Yergin Daniela Galarza daniela rogulj Danielle Henderson Danis Rose danny bland Danny Brown Danny Devito Danny Givens Danny Lewis Danny McBride Danny Schecher Dante Dante Aligheri Dante Alighieri Dante Spinotti Danuta Kean Dany Qumsiyeh Danya Simkus Daphne French Daralyn Durie daraprim DARE Daredevil Dareen Tatour Darien Library Dario Azzellinni dark horse Dark Horse Comics darkest timeline darkness at noon Darrel Issa Darren Aronofsky Darren G. Davis Darren Julien Darren Koretko Darren Wilson Darrin Devault darryl greer Darth Vader Dartmouth Dartmouth College Darul Uloom Deoband Darwin Darya Ganj Das Kapital Dashiell Hammet Dashiell Hammett dastardly deeds data Data Baseline Survey data privacy Data-gathering Dating Daunt Books Daurmith Dav Pilkey Dave Anderson Dave Benton Dave Brubeck Dave Copeland Dave Eggers dave fried Dave Gibbons dave gonzales Dave Hemingway Dave Hickey dave hill Dave Itzkoff Dave Jamieson Dave Lucey Dave McKinney Dave Pollard Dave the Laugh Dave Tomkins Dave Tompkins Davi Graeber David A. Farenthold David Almond David Antin david auerbach David Axe David Bamman David Barnett david batty David Beckham David Benioff David Bennet David Berg David Blanchette David Blunkett David Bois David Bolduc david bowie David Bowie: The Last Interview David Bowie’s David Brawn David Brin David Brooks David Brown David Brunnstrom David Bruton David Bunnstrom David Cameron David Cameron pig David Canfield David Carr David Carson David Cay Johnston David Chang david chase David Chen David Clark David Cole David Coleman David Colmer David Comer Kidd David Copperfield David Corn David Cronenberg David Cross David Dameron David Deason David Dellanet David Dewane David Dorning David Duke david edelstein David Farenthold David Faris David Farris David Fenza David Ferriero David Fickling Books David Fidler David Folkenflik David Foster Wallace David Foster Wallace Literary Trust David Freeman David G. Bradley David Gabriel david garnett David Gaughran David Giles david gilmour David Goodis David Gordon Green David Graeber david grimm David Grogan David Gronbach David Grossman david gutowski David Hare David Harsent David Hayman David Henry Hwang David Hoffman David Horspool David Jason david johnson David Kaye David Keyton David Kidd David Krenz David L. Ulin David Lagercrantz David Larsen david lehman David Letterman David Levering-Lewis David Levine David Levithan David Limbaugh David Lodge David Lowery David Lynch David M. Rubentstien David Margolick David Markson David Matthews David McCullough David McNally David Means David Mehegan David Menconi David Miscavige david mitchell David Morley David Murphy David Naggar david nicholls david orr David Oyelowo David Parker David Peace David Pearson David Pinsent david plotz David Potter David R. Godine Books David Rakoff David Redden David Rees David Remnick David Rose David Rubenstein David S Stuart David Sandberg david sedaris David Sexton david shanks David Shannon David Shelley David Shenk David Shields David Shirreff David Shook David Simon David Steinberger david streitfeld David Stubbs David Suchet david susskind david sxton David Szalay David Thorne David Tompkins David Uberti David Ulin david vandagriff David Vinjamuri David Walliams David Weigel David Willis David Zapolsky David Zucchino David Zwirner Davidson Garrett Davis Letona Davos davy crockett Davy Rothbart dawson orr day one daydreams Dayna Tortorici Days Fall Like Leaves Days of Our Lives DB DB Hebbard DBS DBW DC DC Comics DC Public Library DDB De Elizabeth De Geus de Sade Dead Babies Dead City Legal Posse Dead Funny Dead Ink Books Dead Man Upright Dead Sea Scrolls Dead Souls dead trees Deadline Deadline Hollywood Deadspin deadwood Deadwood Public Library Dean Baquet Dean Chance Dean Fagin Dean Moriarty Dear Evan Hansen dear mr. watterson Dear Zoo death Death and The Penguin Death by Death by Video Game Death by Video Game Death by Video Game Video Game Death Cab for Cutie death in the afternoon death of Google Reader death of print death of the American author Death of the Author Death of the high street death of the novel Death Star Deb Olin Unferth debates debbie lange Debbie Ritter Debora Spar Deborah Cole Deborah Levy Deborah Maine Deborah Moggach Deborah Smith Deborah Treisman Debra Livingston Debt Debt crisis Debt: The First 5000 Years debut fiction debut novels deca Decatur Decatur Book Festival Decision Points Declan Kelly Declaration of Independence decline and fall decline of publishing declining infrastructure deconstruction dedication Deena Shanker Deep Blue deep cuts Deep Vellum Deep Vellum Publishing Deep Web File Deepa Kumar Deepak Chopra deer urine Deering High School Def Leppard defamation Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream Deia Schlosberg Deirdre Coyle deja vu Deji Bryce Olukotun Del Boy Delaram Ghanimifard Delaware Deleuze and Guattari Delhi Delhi University Delicious larbo delivery Delmore Schwartz Delores Elliot-Wilson Delta Airlines Delusions Demian demise of Borders Democarcy In America Democracy Democracy Now! Democratic Party Democrats Demographic reading demographics demonology demons Deng Xiaoping Deni Apriyani denis johnson Denis Usov denise cote Denise E. McCabe denise newman Denise Riley Deniz Cam Denmark Dennis Bailey Dennis DiClaudio Dennis Drabelle Dennis Jacobs Dennis Johnson Dennis Joyce Dennis Kinlaw dennis loy johnson Dennis McCarthy Dennis Perkins dennis rader Dennis Rodman Denny Chin Deno’s Wonder Wheel dens Denver Denver Broncos Denver Post Denver Public Library Department for Culture Department for Education Department of Commerce department of defense Department of Education Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Department of Justice Department of Labor Department of Veterans Affairs deplorables depoliticization Deportation depression der schelm Der Tagesspiegel Derain Derby Public Schools deregulation Derek Attridge Derek Hawkins Derek Khanna Derek Premo Derek Raymond Derek Raymond Factory Series Derek Trotter Des Grieux Descartes descent desecration of books desecration of graves Desert island DesFleursPourDanielle Design Design Observer Designers & Books Fair desk copies Desk Set desmond tutu Desperate Literature Despicable Me Destination Italy destiny image destroyed library Detroit Detroit Public Library Detroit Public Television Detroit riots Detroit Tigers Deutsche Bahn Deval Patrick devaluing books Devault-Graves Agency developed content developing contentd devil’s cabbage devoirs devotions Dewey Decimal System Dewi Cooke DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room DF Dharma Diagram Prize Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year Dial Press Dial Torgerson Dial-a-Poem DIAL-FSG Diamond Joe diamonds Diana Filip Diana Lambert Diana Rempe Diane di Prima Diane Rehm Diane Wachtell dianetics Dianna Dilworth dianne barrow Dianne Feinstein diaoyu diapers Diary of a Wimpy Kid dick cavett Dick Cheney Dick Durbin Dick Hebdige Dickens Dickheads dictaor-lit Dictionaries Dictionary dictionary changes Dictionary formation Dictionary of American Regional English Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources Didcot Diddy Diderot Didier Daeninckx Didier Hassoux Didier Lombard Didionesque Die Zeit Diego Velazquez diesel diesel a bookstore Dieter Roth Difficult Women Digiday digimons digital digital advertising Digital Annotation Digital archive digital archving Digital Book World digital books digital divide Digital Due Process Coalition Digital Dystopia digital fatigue Digital Humanities Digital Library Digital Library Federation digital mass extinction Digital Media Digital Media Strategies Digital Millenium Copyright Act digital natives Digital News Report Digital Public Library Digital Public Library of America Digital Publishing Digital Reader digital reading digital resale digital revolution digital rights management digital technology digitisation digitization dignity Dijsktra Agency Dina Mardell Dinah Fried Dinah Shore dinaw mengestu diner dinesh d’souza dingo Dinitia Smith Dino Grandoni Dinobots Dinotopia Diogenes Dione Venable Dippin’ Dot Dippin’ Dots dipshittery Direct Mail Services direct to consumer Director of Special Projects Dirk Maggs Dirk Zimmer dirty politics Dirty Wars and Polished Silver disabilities disappearing ebook disasters Discman Discounted Weekend Reads discounts Discover discoverability Discovering books online discovery discrimination Discworld disgrace and the mountained echoed Disney Disney Friends for Change Disneyland disparaging the boot Dispatch from the Future dispatches from the law of war disrespect of books Disrupt J20 disruption Dissent dissident blogger Dissident Gardens dissident voices dissident writer Dissolve distribution Diverse BookFinder diversity Divine Comedy divorce DIY DIY History DJ Taylor DMCA Dmitry Dashkevich Dmitry Medvedev DNA Dnaiel Defoe dnainfo DNC dnc live video do not forget the pigeon’s food Do Space do-it-yourself book scanner Doald Trump Dobby Doc Martens Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Doctor Who Doctor Zhivago doctorow documenta documenta 14 documentaries Dodge Poetry Festival dog pics dogan hizlan Dogfish Head doggos Dogma dogs dogulas preston DOJ DoJ case DOJ Lawsuit doj publisher’s lawsuit DOJ suit DOJ suite dollar books Dolly Parton Dolores Umbridge dolphins domain names domald Domenic Recchia Domenico Procacci domestic workers Dominic Myers Dominic Rushe dominic west Dominic Winter Auctioneers Dominican Republic dominion Dominique Strauss-Kahn Domino Project dominoes dominos don delillo don draper reading frank o’hara is completely meaningless even though meditations in an emergency is a great book Don Juan Don Katz Don MacVictor Don Quixote don quixotef Don Share Don Shooter Don Stewart Don Tate Don Weisberg Don Yeager donald Donald Barthelme Donald Coggan Donald Fucking Trump Donald Glover Donald Judd Donald Kirkley Donald McCraig donald rumsfeld Donald Sinclair Donald Sturrock Donald Sutherland Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr. Donald Trump Trump donations Donato Bertelli donn chapman Donna Coonan Donna Payne Donna Paz Kaufman Donna Seaman Donna St. George Donna Tart donna tartt Donnell Branch Donnell Library Donnie Jochum Donnis de camp donovon hohn Doomsday Book Dope Dopesmoker doppelgangers Dora Ho doree shafrir Doreen Carvajal Doris Kearns Goodwin Doris Langley Moore doris lessing Dorothea Benton Frank Dorothy Day Dorothy Grant Dorothy Kilgallen dorothy parker Dorothy Vogel Dostoevsky dostoyevsky Dotard douban double entendres Doubleday Doug Meyer doug yule Douglas & MacIntyre Douglas & McIntyre douglas adams Douglas Coupland Douglas Martin Douglas McCabe Douglas Pagels douglas preston doulas Dov Hikind Dow Chemical Down and Out in Paris and London Downtown Books Downtown Books & News Downtown Books and News dox centre for contemporary art doylestown bookshop dpavilion architects dprk Dr Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Muslih Dr Chuck Tingle Dr Craig George Dr Matthew Green Dr Robert Kedzie Dr Seuss words Dr Stephen Greenberg Dr Thant Myint-U Dr Thant Thaw Kaung Dr William B Carpenter dr. a. cemal ekin Dr. Abdullah al Ghathami Dr. Alberto Acerbi dr. ben carson Dr. Carla Hayden Dr. George Walkden Dr. Hafnaouoi Ba’li Dr. James Murphy Dr. John-Mark Philo Dr. Juliet Barker Dr. Kalpana Mallick Dr. Laura Schwartz Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. Nancy Sindelar Dr. PenPen Bugtong Takipsilim Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Dr. Rachel Misra Dr. Rebecca Daniels Dr. Sarah Park Dahlen Dr. Seuss Dr. Simon Park dr. strangelove Dr. Suess Dracula dragons Drake Drake McFeely Drake the Bookshop drama Dravidian drawings Dream poetry Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic Dreams Dreams from My Father DreamWorks Drenka Willen Drinkable Book drinking Drinking Gin drinking songs drinkware DRM drone drone strikes drones Drop everything and read drop science drugs drunk in love drunks DSK DSM V Du Lala’s Promotion Diary Du Mu Dubai Dubai font dublin Dublin’s Fighting Words duchamp Duchess Anna Amalia Library Duchess of Cornwall duck and cover duel dueling duelists Duke Ellington Duke University Press Duluth News-Tribune Duluth school district Dulwich Books Duma dumas Dumbest People Events and Things dumbo DUMBO the neighborhood Dumbphones duncan grant Duncan Jones Dundee Dune Dunfermline depot Dungeons & Dragons DUP Dürer Durkheim Dushanbe Dusin Gardiner dust dust library dust-ups Dustin Deutsch Dutch East India Company Dutch literature Dutch Publishers Association Dutch publishing Dutton Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Dwayne McMillan Dwight Garner Dwight Hall dykes to watch out for Dylan Byers Dylan Thomas Dylan Thomas Prize Dylann Roof Dynamite Entertainment Dynastia Dystopian fiction Dzanc Books E & E News e as a prefix e-book lending e-book piracy e-book pricing E-books e-commerce e-pub e-reader e-readers e-reading E. Alex Hung E. Gene Smith e.b. white e.e. cummings E.L. Doctorow E.L. James E.L. Konigsburg E.M. Forster Each Peach Pear Plum eagle harbor book co Eagle-Tribune eagleheart Earl Sweatshirt Earls Court early bird specials early childhood language development Earnest Hemingway Earth Day Earthly Powers Earthsea east bay booksellers East Bay Express East City Bookshop East Egg East lake County Library East London East London Tech City East meets West east river ferry East Village Eat Drink Politics eat the flesh of the occupier Eat Your Heart Out Eataly Eating People is Wrong Eau Claire Ebacc ebola Ebony ebook Ebook Exclusive ebook lending ebook market eBook Piracy ebook prices Ebook Pricing ebook production ebook publishing ebook settlement eBooks ebookstores Ebury Publishing EC ECB ecce Romani! ecco Ece Temelkuran ECODEVIANCE ecommerce Econoline economics Economics & Finance Ecuador ECW ECW press Ed Begley Jr Ed Bott Ed Christman ed conklin Ed Folsom Ed Hermance Ed Koch’s New York Ed Miliband Ed Park Ed Rice Ed Ruscha Ed Sanders Ed Vaizey Edan Lepucki EDC Edd Joseph Eddie Berganza Eddie Redmayne Eddy Cue Edelweiss Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allen Poe edgar awards Edgar S. Walsh Edge Of Arabia. Edge Question edgecombe avenue edible books edible cook books Edinburgh edinburgh airport j.m.w. turner Edinburgh Bookshop Edinburgh International Book Festival Edith Wharton Edith Zimmerman editing Editions at Play Editions RING Editor Editorial confessions Editorial Norma Editors Edmund Morris Edmund Richardson Edmund Spenser Edmund White Edmund Wilson Edna O’Brien Édouard Levé Eduardo Cue Eduardo Galeano Eduardo Selman eduation Education and Employers Taskforce education funding education publishing Educational Development Corporation educational publishing educations Edward Albee Edward Carpenter Edward Champion Edward Felsenthal edward gauvin edward gibbon Edward Gorey Edward Helmore Edward Hirsch Edward Jat Epstein Edward Jay Edward Jay Epstein Edward Jay Epsteiu Edward Mcclelland Edward Said Edward Snowden Edward St. Aubyn edward teller Edward Young Edwidge Danticat Edwin Frank Edwin Mellen Press EEC Eeyore Efes Pilsen Efraim Zuroff Eggshells Egill Bjarnason egon schiele Egon Spengler Egypt egypt independent egypt’s state information services Egyptian books burn egyptian government egyptian knowledge bank Egyptian writers eh-dash eHarmony Eheta Kristos Ehsan Abdollahi ehud olmert Eichmann in Jerusalem Eid Al-Adha eight cousins Eighteenth Brumaire Eighth Amendment Eileen Gunn Eileen Murphy Eileen Myles Eileen R Tabios Eimear McBride einstein: his life and universive Eirikur Rognvaldsson Eisner Awards ekb eKitabu Eko El Ateneo el chapo El Comercio El Diario EL James el jefe El lamento de Portnoy El Lissitsky El Pais El-Sisi Elahe Izadi Elaine Chao Elaine Lustig Cohen elaine treharne Elaine Welteroth Elda Rotor elder care eleanor & park Eleanor Antin eleanor capasso eleanor catton election election sale Elections Electoral College Electric Literature Electro Velvet electroconvulsive therapy Electronic Frontier Foundation Electronic Frontiers Foundation electronica elegiac poetry elementary school Elena Ferrante Elena Poniatowska Elfriede Jelinek Eli Clifton Eli Friedman Eli Pariser Eli Rosenberg Eli Stokols elia kazan eliabeth mccracken Eliana Dockterman Eliana Johnson Elias al-Diri Elias Canetti Elias Larsen Elie Fares Elie Wiesel Elif Batuman Elif Shafak elinor ostrom Elio Garcia Jr Eliot Weinberger Eliphas Levi Elisa Albert Elisa Doucette Elisabeth Bumiller Elisabeth Jaquette elisabeth luard Elisabeth Moss Elisabeth Perlman Elisabeth Tonnard Elisabetta Sgarbi Elise Matthiesen Elise Paschen elites Elizabeth Elizabeth Bear elizabeth bishop Elizabeth Christensen Elizabeth Dimarco Elizabeth Ebert Elizabeth Flock elizabeth frock Elizabeth Gaskell Elizabeth Gilbert Elizabeth Hardwick Elizabeth I Elizabeth II Elizabeth Kolbert elizabeth m. wright. mona lisa Elizabeth McKenzie Elizabeth McNamara Elizabeth Paton Elizabeth Smart Elizabeth Strout Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Weise Elizabeth Willis Elizabeth Wood Elizabeth Wurtzel Elkanah Settle Elko Elle Elle O’Brien Ellen Bouregy Mickelsen Ellen DeGeneres Ellen G. White Ellen Meiksins Wood Ellen Oh Ellen Ray Ellen Rockell Ellen Willis Ellie Diaz Ellie Kaufman Ellie Mae O’Hagan Ellie Robbins Ellie Shechet Elliott Advisors Elliott Bay Book Company Ellipsis Press Ellla Berthoud Elly Belle Elmet elmira Elmore Leonard Elmore Leonards Elnathan John Eloise Eloise Miller Elon Musk Elsa else lasker-schuler elsevier Elsewhere Editions Elspeth Reeve elume Elvis Elvis Costello Elyse Cheney Elzabeth McKinstry em dash email scandal Emanuele Castano Emap embargoes embezzlement Emerald City Emerging Writers’ Festival Emil Michael Emil Zatopek Emiliano Fittipaldi Emily Baker Emily Books Emily Brontë Emily Burnham emily cassel Emily Cleaver Emily Davison Emily Dickinson Emily Dreyfuss Emily Drumsta Emily Dugdale Emily Fridlund Emily Gaudette Emily Gould Emily Kenway Emily Rees Emily Reynolds Emily Rhodes Emily Robertson Emily Schultz Emily Shuckburgh Emily Smith Emily St. John Mandel Emily Steele Emily Temple Emily Tillet Emily Witt Emily-Jane Clark Emine Saner Eminem emissions Emma Cline emma donoghue Emma Flint Emma Healey Emma Hinchliffe emma jane unsworth Emma Lazarus Emma Nichols Emma Shercliff Emma Simpson Emma Thompson Emma Watson Emmanuel African Methodist Church Emmanuel Macron emmy awards Emmy Favilla Emmys emoji Emoji Dick emojis Emomali Rahmon Emory University emoticons emotional poetry Emperor of All Maladies Empire Falls Empire of Light employment practices en dash En Marche En-Gedi Enchanted Forest Encounter encourage reading encyclical encyclical on climate change and inequality Encyclopaedia Brittannica encyclopedia britannica encyclopedias end times Enda Kenny Endangered language endangered languages endangered species Endangered writers Ender’s Game Enders Analysis Endgame endoresements enemas Enemies of Huxley engels England English Language English PEN English speakers English teachers English Uprising Enhanced books enhanced print books Enigma Enlightenment Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House ennui Enoch Pratt Free Library Enoh Meyomesse enough Enrico Alliata Enrique Cerna Enrique Krauze Enrique Norten Enrique Peña Nieto Enrique Vila-Matas entanglement Enterprising Libraries Scheme Entertainment Weekly enthusiasm Entourage Entraide et Coopération en Méditerranée Entrepreneur entrepreneurs Entsar Abu Jahal Environment environmentalism Eoghan Kidney Eoin Higgins Eoin Moore EPA ePad Femme Ephemera epigenetics Epigram Books epl EPUB Equal Justice Initiative equal pay equality Equatorial Guinea Erato Erdogan eReader eReaders ereaderse ereading eretailing Eric Asimov Eric Banks Eric Bennett Eric Gansworth Eric Greitens Eric Grundhauser Eric Holder Eric Jaye Eric King Eric Lach Eric Lagatta Eric Levallois Eric Lipton Eric Pickles Eric Sandy eric schneiderman Eric Schultz Eric Trump Eric Umansky Eric Vilas-Boas Eric Wareheim Erica Breunlin Erica Jong Erich Schwartzel Erik Baard Erik Engstrom Erik Kwakkel Erik Larson erik m. conway erik shilling Erik Stinson Erik Wemple Erika Delbecque Erika Eichenseer erika moen Erin Connelly Erin Creasey Erin Gloria Ryan Erin Moody Erin Morgenstern Erin Shea Erin Sherbert erin swann Eriq Gardner Erkan Ozgen erna schilling Erna Solberg Ernest Cline Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemmingway Ernestine Chasing Hawk Ernesto González Bermejo Ernst-Jan Pfouth erotic fiction erotic sorcery erotica Errol Louis ESPN Espresso Book Machine esquire essays Essence Breakthrough Performance Award Estaben Rockett estate law estate sale Esther Addley Esther Dairiam Esther Greenwood Esther K. 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